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Category: Hyperion

Integrating Hyperion Regression Testing Into Everyday Life

This article will tell you everything you need to know about why and how regression tests are performed for complex business software like Oracle Hyperion.

Jonathan Berry | January 4, 2018

Performance Testing for Hyperion – What’s the Point?

The business technology landscape is getting complicated growing applications. Organizations must frequently complete performance testing for optimal results.

Jonathan Berry | October 4, 2017

The Top 7 Types of Performance Testing

This blog post takes a deeper dive into the seven types of performance testing to help organizations decide which method is optimal in their situation.

Jonathan Berry | September 19, 2017
oracle epm, cloud

The Easy Button: Fixing Security Issues When Migrating EPBCS to Production

This blog post details how to migrate security assignments between Test and Production for one of Oracle’s EPM Cloud product offerings.

Dave Shay | September 12, 2017
oracle, hyperion, on premises

Oracle’s Hyperion On-premises Support is Changing

Upgrade your Oracle’s Hyperion On-premises now in order to enjoy the full Premium Support of Oracle Hyperion tools in the future.

Dave Shay | August 29, 2017

How to Find a Hyperion Administrator

Finding a qualified Hyperion administrator is an emergency matter for many organizations. It doesn’t have to be. How to get the Hyperion talent without hiring.

Dave Shay | August 8, 2017
finance planning and analysis

The Goal of Financial Planning & Analysis — and How to Get There

This post discusses the purpose of FP&A processes, what an organization’s goals should be, and how to get there with Oracle EPM Cloud rather than with Excel.

Todd Rebner | July 5, 2017

The Challenges of Spreadsheet-Based Forecasting

The six challenges of managing financial reporting and processes using spreadsheets and how EPM Cloud mitigates these problems.

Bobby Ellis | June 20, 2017

Art of BI: Flatten Parent Child Vertical Table to Horizontal Generations

This is just another post that I’ve been meaning to put up for a while but it just became relevant again on an OBIEE project I am working on.

Christian Screen | June 26, 2009