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Simplify SLAs with Sprint Team App Development

Author: Michael Dunn | | January 8, 2019

Over time, business deals have evolved into structured Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that are often years long and unnecessarily expensive. When accessing Datavail’s Sprint Teams as a Service resource (STaaS), however, companies of all sizes can avoid those costly contracts and get better app development and management besides. As the technological universe continues to explode, enterprises are finding that it’s easier to keep things simple while accomplishing more when working in short, intense, finely tuned bursts.

Managing App Development and Management (ADM) Costs

Competitiveness in today’s global market demands increasing levels of service delivered seamlessly through proprietary and intuitive apps. Most companies, though, struggle to maintain the volume of resources needed to keep their apps up to date and working well. Instead, they contract for those services through SLA’s with dedicated app management providers.

Traditional SLA’s, however, can sometimes be more of a problem than a solution:

  • Just getting an SLA in place can take weeks of negotiations, during which time the purpose of the agreement can change. By the time the deal is in place, it requires modification to address the new challenges that arose in the interim.
  • SLAs often have multi-year terms even though the work that will need doing can’t be imagined when the agreement is made. The SLA can become obsolete as a working document almost the moment it is signed.
  • The terms and structure of conventional SLA’s don’t facilitate the fluidity needed to meet today’s ever-evolving app management demands. Sometimes managing the SLA is as expensive and time-consuming as the service it’s supposed to provide.

Despite these common pitfalls of SLA’s, most companies rely on them as their only option to maintain their app development and management processes.

Sprint Teams Solve SLA Challenges

Datavail developed its STaaS to respond to the challenge presented by using traditional SLA’s for ADM services. Recognizing that today’s applications must modify their services almost constantly to meet consumer demand, Datavail determined that providing a dedicated ADM team for each specific transformation project was the better way to handle the speed and scope of those transitions:

  • Clients hire the Sprint Team on a project basis, not an annual basis, with the client directing both the scope of work and the duration of the agreement. Often, the initial project helps the customer to understand better what they need from their apps and how Datavail can help them attain those goals affordably and in a timely fashion. Subsequent projects evolve the app over time, as the customer can afford to pay for each incremental app development or management element.
  • Working one project at a time eliminates the need to make a capital investment to cover the cost of a major, whole-system overhaul while shifting the incremental cost to the more resource-friendly operational budget. Sprint Teams can modify the overarching scope as circumstances warrant, giving the client the opportunity to make changes as they are needed and not after the work has been completed.
  • Individual project work also eliminates the need to predict what services might be needed in the future. The makers of today’s long-term SLA’s simply can’t predict where technology will evolve in the future, nor what the cost will be to keep up with it. Upgrading on a project basis lets customers choose the technology for their short-term future without committing them to larger investments for unforeseen future expenses.

Customers who use Datavail’s STaaS are delighted with their results. Because each team is populated by the specific talent needed for that project, the client gets the best possible skills and tools for their specific project. Further, because the demands of the project evolve as the team works on it, the team’s composition can change also change mid-project without incurring any extra expense. Eliminate your long-term SLA’s by accessing Datavail’s STaaS; you’ll get better results at a much better price.

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