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Art of BI: SQL Server – Truncate and Shrink Log File

Often when building a database not all properties and settings are configured properly when initially created. One configuration property that we see left dangling the most is the default log file growth property of each database. The default allows a database log file to grow to a substantially large file size if not restricted. Often […]

Christian Screen | May 22, 2009

Art of BI: Installing Hyperion System 11 – Part 2

I am delighted today to follow up on my first article regarding on installing Hyperion System 11x on a Windows Server 2003 Virtual Image (VMWare) of Hyperion System 11x. Just to recap, the purpose of this exercise is a “let’s see what will happen” approach to setting up a handy environment to pass on to colleagues […]

Christian Screen | May 20, 2009

Art of BI: Informatica PowerCenter 8 Video Tutorial

The below video(s) are from a tutorial on Informatica PowerCenter 8 that we did a few months back.  This is now in its new formatted blog page.

Christian Screen | May 19, 2009

Art of BI: Installing Hyperion System 11 – Part 1

So we at The Art of BI decided it was time to stand-up a sandbox version of Oracle Hyperion System 11 (11.1.1) since we were tired of using our client’s boxes for research, training, fun development stuff, etc.  : )  The idea here is to get a nice single server instance of the EPM suite […]

Christian Screen | May 4, 2009

What should I check after bouncing E-Business Suite?

As an Oracle Apps administrator, it’s a good idea to have a punch list of things to check after your applications have been started, to ensure all services are working correctly. For Release 11i, the following steps are a good starting point. It will take a few extra minutes to work through this list, but […]

R Harwood | May 4, 2009

Art of BI: Transferring SQL Server Logins Across Server Instances

A while back I was working with a client on a web application project that had a basic SQL Server database as the relational data storage system. They wanted to use a rather “locked-down” SQL Authentication mode for the credentials that would allow the web app to communicate with the database. This user had read/write […]

Christian Screen | May 2, 2009

FNDCPASS doesn’t always use the SYSTEM password

FNDCPASS does not check the system password when used to change an applications user account. We can check this with a simple test. First, we’ll change the SYSTEM password to the default value “manager”:

Chuck Edwards | April 21, 2009

Art of BI: Integrate Essbase into OBIEE – Best Practices from Oracle

We’ve been doing quite a bit of Hyperion Essbase integration into Oracle BIEE lately.  It is just cool stuff and most Oracle BI consulting groups will admit that this is all the rave right now. Although our group has published several documents internally on the subject and there are several bloggers who discuss the topic […]

Christian Screen | April 1, 2009

Why should I properly close my Oracle E-Business Suite session?

We’ve all been there before.  It’s noon, and you’re co-worker is telling you to tidy up – it’s time to go to lunch.  Your E-Business Suite session is idle, and in your haste you simply click the ‘X’ at the top of your browser.  You know it’s not the proper thing to do, but you’re […]

R Harwood | March 10, 2009

ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

Most people will encounter this error when their application tries to connect to an Oracle database service, but it can also be raised by one database instance trying to connect to another database service via a database link.

Jeremiah Wilton | March 4, 2009

Proactive support

We all know proactive service when we see it. A couple of examples: Proactive is when you are shopping for a new gadget, but just before you buy it the clerk tells you a special battery is required (even though the box fails to mention it) but is not included. “Would you like one of those as well?”

Chuck Edwards | February 20, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE on the iPhone! So, What?

I have to confess, that yes, I gave into the all appealing glow of the Apple iTunes, iStore, iPod, all things “i” machine and purchased an iPhone about 6-months ago. Fortunately for me, its a 3G and I love it.  It was a great price at $199 and has all of the functionality that my […]

Christian Screen | February 12, 2009

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