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6 things to do after an Oracle Apps R12 install

OK, so there are a ton of things to do right after a fresh R12 install. Below are the major tasks I think every Apps DBA should do right away before letting anyone log in.

Chuck Edwards | December 14, 2009

Specificity + Inaccuracy = Yikes!

Every once in awhile I run into a customer with a very specific request: Please do “this” down to the very last detail.

Chuck Edwards | December 13, 2009

Use Autoconfig for common system administrator tasks

Autoconfig is a wonderful tool that may be extended and customized to meet a variety of needs.

Chuck Edwards | December 11, 2009

Repartition a Windows Machine for Linux (Installing Linux on Windows)

I looked in WIndows Disk Management and there is no tool for reducing a partitioned space. What?? You can’t shink a partition via Windows?

Christian Screen | December 6, 2009

OBIEE, Corda PopChart, and SQL Anywhere – Underrated Third Party Tools

Searching for some answers to an OBIEE issue a client was having led me through an extremely detailed excursion through the OracleBI and OracleBIData file system folder structures.

Christian Screen | December 3, 2009

9 reasons why the new Metalink is bad

I’m going to call the new Metalink “Metaflash.” Seems like a good name for it. It combines “meta” and “flash” which sounds really hip and technical, yet communicates nothing.

Chuck Edwards | December 2, 2009

OBIEE Content Accelerator Framework(CAF) Usage Matrix

My last blog post on CAF primarily introduced our readers to the Oracle Content Accelerator Framework and its installation.

Christian Screen | November 30, 2009

OBIEE Usage Tracking – Install in < 20 minutes

Learn how to install OBIEE Usage Tracking. Usage Tracking is now a fundamental “must have” with the implementation of any OBIEE analytics project you are working on.

Christian Screen | November 26, 2009
Man having fun with Oracle Standby Databases

How to Hire a Really Good Oracle DBA

Many of our customers have internal database administrators. FACT: Any remote DBA organization, and I mean ANY one of them, should be excited to work with a talented on-site person.

Chuck Edwards | November 23, 2009

Automatically Deploy Smart View Upgrade

Whether you are a user or implementer of Smart View there comes a time when an upgrade is necessary.

Christian Screen | November 23, 2009

If it’s really important… get 2

Clustering, RAC, and other HA solutions are probably the right solution for many IT problems, but not as a rule.

Chuck Edwards | November 23, 2009

Scripting OBIEE with UDML/XML (XUDML Automation?)

Looking at the inner workings CAF and how to automate the tool for daily or weekly maintenance tasks.

Christian Screen | November 22, 2009
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