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Art of BI: Hyperion 11 Lifecycle Management (LCM) in Action – Part 1

Artifact Lifecycle Management in Hyperion 11x

Christian Screen | August 2, 2009

Art of BI: Essbase Studio Examples & Demonstration

We’ve been working with Oracle for sometime now with the latest release Oracle EPM release and there has been a lot of demand for some demonstration and quick training on Hyperion Essbase Studio.  Since this is new to the 11x release there is not a lot for the general developer or user. Check out the link to […]

Christian Screen | July 29, 2009

Art of BI: Federation in OBIEE. What are you talking about?

Every software tool has its own language and nomenclature that comes along with it.  Most times that language it is plain, makes sense, and ultimately is accepted by the masses. However, sometimes it can be rather esoteric.  Again, this is great for us consultants because we can often appear even smarter than we already are by throwing […]

Christian Screen | July 28, 2009

Art of BI: Setting Up OBIEE Delivers/iBots to Send Alerts

One of the coolest functions of OBIEE is the bursting option called Delivers.  If you’ve worked with Cognos before you know that they have a similar functionality. I can tell you from experience that OBIEE delivers is much more versitile than Cognos’ bursting tool. That comparison will make for a good blog post in the future but I won’t go […]

Christian Screen | July 27, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE Delivers/IBots – Custom link in an Email

By default hiearchy drill-down links are removed when an OBIEE Delivers IBot notification is sent out via email.  The report becomes for the most part static in the email whereas if you viewed the report in the interactive Dashboard or in Answers you would by default have the link action associated with it. The main reason […]

Christian Screen | July 22, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE Logging Security Restrictions and Levels

OBIEE has a smart query logging system and it happens to be mainly based on security logging levels.  This is great from an overhead perspective because you wouldn’t want every single user of the system to have a full introspective query log produced each and every time your hundreds of users run a query requests […]

Christian Screen | July 21, 2009

Art of BI: Hyperion OpenLDAP and Shared Services Won’t Start – Error 1068

The Oracle/Hyperion EPM System 9x or 11x is crazy robust due to its suite offerings.  However, as any administratoro will tell you it is highly dependent on the correct start and stop order of its windows services.  The database has to be up before shared services and OpenLDap then workspace can be started, blah, blah, […]

Christian Screen | July 21, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE and Google Maps Integration Browser Warning

After the first post on Google Maps integration with OBIEE we found that things worked swimmingly with Firefox but a very annoying looking error message was being produced with Internet Explorer(IE). [simage=16,200,y,center]

Christian Screen | July 21, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE RPD Demo – Sample Sales Analysis – Part 1

Oracle has just published a new Sample Sales Analysis RPD with supporting data files for OBIEE.  This OBIEE RPD example should be a great additional demo for any OBIEE professional to demo to clients and learn some techniques. This is from Oracle and link comes thanks to John Minkjan our Netherlands native OBIEE guru.  I […]

Christian Screen | July 20, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE and Google Maps Integration

Integrate Google Maps with OBIEE is really not that difficult when you know how. I recommend having some comfort level with general web development skills such as JavaScript and OOP but even that is not important when you’ve got a nice step-by-step guide like what I am showing here. There are many more caveats to this integration that I may not have had time to write, so comment to the post, and I’ll try to get back to your questions.

Christian Screen | July 14, 2009

Art of BI: C# Convert Decimal to String

Microsoft usually has good documentation but on this particular topic I always felt that it was lacking. Here is the MS core documentation for converting a decimal to a string, I recently needed to ensure that I was only getting only two decimal places on a dollar amount as I converted it into a […]

Christian Screen | July 13, 2009

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