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Art of BI: Oracle Open World 2011 – Pick Your Sessions Time

Christian Screen | | September 12, 2011

It’s that time of year again – Oracle Open World 2011 is back in San Fran. and fans of the red n’ white (Not the Cornhuskers) juggernaut and that squiggly JAVA mascot (What’s his name?)  are ready to enlighten, inform, and amaze.  Since my professional world revolves mainly around all things Business Intelligence and its evangelism, I thought I would point out how excited I am that I will not only be in attendance this year but I will also be presenting – twice.  Hooray!

I will be presenting at the ODTUG Sunday (User Group tag) Session (#28540) on the topic, Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Action Framework: Basic to Advanced Integration .  Then on Tuesday during the main sessions (Session #30283) I will be presenting with one of my very knowledgeable colleagues, Marty Mersinger, on the topic, Oracle Business Intelligence Action Framework: Actionable Intelligence Study. Though both topics are similar, the content and audience will vary and will equally enlighten the audiences to the new integration capabilities of Oracle BI 11g where we can now take BI to the next level – making actionable BI a reality.

I’m going to be presenting at Oracle OpenWorld, October 2-6, 2011. So I hope you can join me.

I like what Mark has done in his post about a BI Developer’s Guide to OOW 2011 where he points out a few great BI oriented sessions worth attending at the event.  Here is also has another great post listing all of the Oracle ACE’s that are presenting this year.  I may or may not be in the latter group this year (cross your fingers for me).

Finally, this post is more of a reminder to get prepped for your attendance at OOW this year. Get all of the necessary mobile apps loaded to your device(s) so that you can twitter, Facebook, twitpic, blog, SMS, etc. all on a whim or at a seconds notice.  Sign up for the sessions you are interested (like mine : ) ) as soon as possible so you don’t have to sit on stand-by,  And, don’t forget to bring a jacket or long-sleeve pully to wear as the wind across the bay is no joke especially at the concert grounds.  I’d like to meet as many people as possible this year, add some more interviews to the ArtOfBI Podcast, and soak up as much brain power and creativity oozing out of this meeting of the minds as I may absorb.  I hope to see you there.

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