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Oracle Hyperion EPM EOS Is Near: It’s Time to Get Moving

Author: Ronan Collins | | January 27, 2021

The lifespan of Oracle’s Hyperion EPM software version for enterprise performance management is drawing to a close. The end of support date for Hyperion is closer than ever – the end of this year – and you need to act now to maintain compliance and access to Oracle’s Premier Support.

When is EOS for Hyperion

Oracle has announced that EOS for Hyperion will arrive in December 2021. That gives you less than a year to plan and execute your next steps. Beyond this date, you’ll need to purchase Oracle’s Extended Support plan that offers continued updates, security patches, and customer support. But not only is this more expensive, Extended Support ends 3 years after the official EOS date—so even this alternative comes with a defined time limit.

Using software after the EOS date is not advisable. You could expose yourself to security flaws that the vendor isn’t obligated to patch, and you will also miss features and functionality added to newer versions of the product. You will also draw the attention of auditors who frown upon such things.

Next Steps for Hyperion Users

If you’re still on EPM or earlier, you essentially have three options: upgrade your Hyperion version on-premises to 11.2, move to an infrastructure cloud such as AWS, OCI, or Azure, or migrate to Oracle EPM Cloud.

The current version of the on-premises software, Oracle EPM 11.2, was released in December 2019. Oracle has guaranteed that it will continue to support Hyperion 11.2 on-premises through at least 2030, making this a stable (although perhaps not permanent) long-term solution.

On the other hand, Oracle has clearly become a cloud-first company. Moving to the Oracle EPM Cloud has several advantages that include:

  • Automatic monthly updates.
  • Receiving new features before they reach on-premises.
  • Accessing the software whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go.

If you’re considering a move to the cloud, you should first outline the benefits you expect to achieve and make sure that you’ll be able to match the capabilities of your existing Hyperion on-premises deployment. Speak with a skilled Oracle cloud migration partner who can help you talk through your options. We’ve helped companies make the choice that is right for them – either a cloud (infrastructure or SaaS) migration or an upgrade.

Datavail is an Oracle Platinum Partner with years of experience performing Hyperion cloud migrations and upgrades. When you partner with us to upgrade to EPM 11.2, we are able to execute with greater speed and fewer unexpected roadblocks due to our proprietary IP, Accelatis. If a cloud migration is right for you, our time-tested techniques enable us to deliver a smooth transition for both your support team and your users. Our migration services include readiness assessments, roadmaps and strategic planning, performance tuning, and support and maintenance during and after the migration.

For more information about the Hyperion EOS

Check out our white paper “It’s the Eleventh Hour for Hyperion Here’s What to Do.”

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