Art of BI: Oracle BI 11g Book Now Published – Go get it!

By | In 11g, Art of BI | August 01st, 2012

The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Book is now published and ready to find its way to you and your colleagues trying to get up to speed on the latest BI offering from Oracle.

I’ve been sandbagging this blog post a bit as the book has been out for about a week or so now.

You can read more details and purchase from our publisher’s web site,

You can also purchase it from the good folks at and it will of course be at the Oracle Open World book store where if you come to my session or spot me I’ll be happy to sign it (as if my sloppy signature adds any bonus to the book : ! )  and chat more on how Oracle BI rocks! Adrian Ward will also be on hand at OOW (CON4378)to pontificate over the topic and lend his pristine British John Hancock as well.  The session is CON4378 so put that down as one of the sessions you’ll be attending.

Lastly, once you do find your way to acquiring the book, we’ve used our favorite Open Source management system to share the core database code, files, etc. from the lessons in the book,  You can download the data, etc. from the obi11gbook sub-site,

A big thanks for everyone who helped out on the book behind the scenes.  It was a battle writing the book and dealing with the editing process but I’m glad the book is wrapped up.  Now I can get back to blogging amongst the other things I’ve forsaken during this process.

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