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Oracle ACE – It’s Official

Christian Screen | | November 6, 2011

Mark the date in the calendar. November 1, 2011, I received a smile-invoking email from my technology network peers at Oracle stating that I have been awarded the high-ranking dignified moniker of Oracle ACE.  There is so much to write and say here but ultimately I want to share my glee for now falling into the ranks of the many very brilliant Oracle ACE’s that contribute and advocate the enterprise software and hardware technologies that support and run day-to-day global business operations.

The Oracle ACE Program is amazing and I am delighted to be a part of it.  My story of becoming an Oracle ACE reads like a novel and I hope to share more of that story in a future article or podcast.  But for now let me just say thank you to Brian S. for nominating me and the OTN for providing great content and the amazing program for those who wish to advocate Oracle technology.

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