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Art of BI: OBIEE Automatically Creates File

Christian Screen | | June 18, 2011

In the latest release of Oracle BI 11g ( the Oracle BI Development team has saved everyone a step and allowed the file to get automatically created upon the first start of the Oracle BI Server (WLS Admin Server to be exact).  We previously described and showed how to create the file in the post on how to Automate Weblogic to Avoid Prompt for Credentials at Start-up.  But now in the latest release this is no longer necessary from a Windows environment installation.

Once Oracle BI 11g has been installed on the machine simply run the Oracle BI Start up command.  The command prompt that starts the WLS Admin Server start up will prompt for the Administrator user’s credentials.  Once the credentials are entered the file is automatically created in the proper location as described in the previous post.  Sweet!

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