Art of BI: OBI 11g OPMN Manual Startup after boot-up a must!

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There are a lot of cool things about OBI11g that are just taking it far an beyond its BI competition.  However, one of the drawbacks as I work with clients on tool is the need to manually launch the OPMN from the command-line in Linux at boot-up.  This can be scripted of course with your rc.local or init.d boot scripts but  the launch  of the OPMN is a must and it just takes away from the otherwise simplicity of the environment.  Did Oracle make 11g too complicated? I don’t really thinks so but play out a standard scenario:  For instance, one could simply script the Weblogic Server (WLS) and the WLS node Manager to start a boot up.  Then from the command line one could start the Managed BI Server.  Then one would think that the OPMN and one or all OBI Server Components could be started from the OBI Enterprise Manager Fusion Console, but wait, NO! Not today. These must either be started manually or from a start up script such as : daemon <ORACLE_INSTANCE>/bin ./opmnctl startall, etc.  I now, I now, a minor complaint for such amazing new functionality, but I just wanted to point it out.  It even states this issue in the OBI 11g documentation

This is just something to keep in mind as all go forward with an 11g implementation and compiling your automation scripts.  After each reboot of the Linux machine on which your Oracle BI Server components reside, you must always start your OPMN using ./opmnctl startall (following a reboot).  Of course, if you just want to restart your OPMN or an individual OBI system component in process, then you can use the Enterprise Manager as intended (see references section).

I wonder if Oracle will fix it as they move towards their first patch set to be released in Q1 of next year where they also allow installation on Unix boxes.

I will be providing a best practice Linux start up init.d script here shortly so stay tuned for that. If you’ve got a great method for starting up all OBI server services for Linux, leave a comment, all readers would be glad to see it.


  • (see the note under section 1.6.3)
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