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Let Datavail Become Your SharePoint Administrator

Author: Owens Gollamandala | 4 min read | April 28, 2015

SharePoint, Microsoft’s web application framework, is the software equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, able to assist organizations with varied tasks such as content integration and document management. It can also provide an organization with a framework for its Intranet. Few organizations are fully using all the capabilities and features this software offers.

Why would you work with a remote database administrator on your SharePoint implementation? Through a third-party managed services company such as Datavail, an organization can have expert SharePoint resources at its disposal. The organization can have ongoing administration for its SharePoint environment as well as expert staffing to complete pressing projects and extract the optimal value from this technology.

If you need help with SharePoint, your organization is not unique. Most of our customers use SharePoint today. We found an estimated 75 percent of them regularly ask for our help with supporting their implementation. We can help your organization, too.

Most organizations lack knowledge about the product and best practices for implementing and maintaining SharePoint. Many people working as IT professionals have tried to learn SharePoint themselves using published resources and trial and error, but this is insufficient, particularly given the reliance organizations now have on their databases. The data-driven enterprise needs experts able to responsively, proactively complete tasks within the SharePoint environment at any given time. Filling this expertise void can prove a challenge to organizations. Datavail provides certified experts with a deep understanding of and experience with SharePoint.

Many organizations have difficulty finding a qualified SharePoint administrator and team members. Even if a hiring administrator does find a qualified individual to work with SharePoint, the workload may be too much for an in-house team. The needs of the organization and the attendant workload—creating Intranet sites as well as workflows—is typically far too much for one person.

Datavail is able to provide support for those companies for which SharePoint is integral to their workflow, even those with small staffs. Many organizations can’t afford to ramp up staffing coverage for the long term. When you choose to work with Datavail, you can structure your contract such that you have the support of multiple people with different levels of expertise.

Our staff members keep their certifications current and participate in ongoing SharePoint training. They can fill various roles, including SharePoint architect, administrator, developer, and/or designer. With such a range of experts available, Datavail is able to provide you with high-quality SharePoint services specifically tailored to your needs. Within our core practice, for example, a U.S-based SharePoint Administrator is appointed to each client to facilitate real time communication and project management. This expert is supported with other SharePoint experts who are able to give your organization around-the-clock coverage if needed.

We provide support for multiple versions of SharePoint, including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint Online with Office 365. (If you are running and older version of SharePoint, you may want to upgrade, as we explained in a previous post.)

Datavail can also provide numerous administrative services for SharePoint, including the creation of SharePoint server farms from scratch as well as the management and maintenance of those already in operation. Datavail functions as an extension of your administrative team, but specifically works to set up and/or maintain SharePoint such that it meets Microsoft’s best practices.

Datavail conducts regular health checks, maintains SharePoint with high availability, and resolves any problems that are causing it to be less than productive or stable. We also create project plans and perform an array of other administrative tasks. These can include backups, disaster recovery, and solution deployment

To ensure your organization has a superlative SharePoint implementation that functions as an ongoing business asset, please download read our white paper Seven Strategic Tasks for a Superlative SharePoint Implementation.

To learn more about our remote database services and how our experts can help with your ongoing SharePoint operations, please contact Datavail to discuss a custom solution designed for your enterprise.

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