Art of BI: Interview with Stewart Bryson of RittmanMead – Episode #7

By | In Art of BI | January 26th, 2012

That’s right, you read the title correctly.

The Podcast has managed to persuade one of the top Oracle Business Intelligence experts on the globe, to take an hour out of what could only be called a tumultuously hectic schedule to talk tech, BI, music, and more.

Stewart Bryson, Managing Director of RittmanMead North America is gracious enough to give us a sense of his passion toward Oracle Business Intelligence and doing the things that he enjoys.

It is an absolute pleasure to share this one-on-one chat where Stewart tells us how Business Intelligence has changed his life, how things under the “Red Umbrella” are looking good, and how his journey from a non-technical degree to landing in the “destination career” of BI at RittmanMead was mainly skill and hard work but also a bit of chance.

Lastly, Stewart provides a great lay of the land around presenting and the growing popularity of the annual RittmanMead BI Forums which are scheduled for May of this year in Atlanta, GA and Brighton, UK.

Even though this is one of the best podcast we’ve put out, this one also provided more technical difficulties than we’ve ever experienced.  This podcast was a pain to edit and stitch back together but the content is well worth the ever so slight, albeit, comedic interruptions that we left in the audio.

“BI is the destination career” – Stewart Bryson (an instant classic quote).

I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we enjoyed getting it together.  Please leave feedback for the podcast or Stewart Bryson as you may.

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The podcast can be played from the media enclosure above (Just press play).  All feedback is of course very welcome.

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5 thoughts on “Art of BI: Interview with Stewart Bryson of RittmanMead – Episode #7”
  1. Hey Christian,
    Really enjoyed listening to this.
    What happened to Podcast #6? 🙂
    FWIW, I struggled to find the embedded media player – maybe put it above “This Podcast’s Links”, so that it’s next to “Listen Now”? And can we get simple MP3 download too for the podcasts, not everyone’s a fan of iTunes 🙂

    cheers, Robin.