Art of BI: Installing & Setting JDK for OBIEE 12C ( on AIX

First off, you should always check the certification matrix Oracle provides prior to installing anything… Certification Matrix … Once you verify the correct JDK needed for your install, use the url from the certification matrix to download it, IBM JDK 1.8 SR1 FP10 from matrix

Downloading the JDK

For the AIX Power System 7 the IBM 64-bit SDK for AIX Version 8 is the proper download. This correlates to the listed IBM JDK 1.8 SR1 FP10 in the certification matrix.

You will need to either login with an existing account you have set up or register for an IBM ID to be able to access the download… Don’t worry it is free and you can opt out of all the emails as well.


Once logged in I found it easier to download the SDK by selecting the ‘Download using HTTP’ tab and selecting the ‘Latest Redistribution…’ link


Download both of the files to your local workstation.

Create New Directories on AIX Primary Mount

On the application server you will create 2 sub directories for the Java install.

1. Create a directory called Downloads with another directory called JDK underneath that.


2. Create a Java sub-directory with another directory called JDK8 underneath that as well. (Just in case you need to download more than one JDK).


Upload the JDK from you local machine to the directory below, or similar on the AIX machine using SSH or Filezilla:

Installing the JDK

Open a new terminal window and cd to /oramp01/Downloads/JDK

Before you execute the file you need to change the permissions of the file to enable execute. There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Use the command chmod +x j864redist.


2. Using Filezilla right click the .bin file and go to File Permissions… make sure you check the Execute boxes and click OK

(before and after, respectfully)


Once permissions are changed execute the file with the command ./j864redist.


The gui of the installer will launch and you will follow the steps to install the JDK…



Once you get to this step you will want to set your install location. For this example I set it to /oramp01/Java/JDK8 and then finish out the steps.




After you click done verify the jre is installed in a sub-directory of the JDK


Note: If the JRE is not installed you will need to run the same steps on the j864redist. file you have also downloaded.

Setting the Java Home

Now you want to set your JAVA_HOME by editing the .profile file to the JDK8


Execute your .profile to re-run it for the current terminal window you are working using the following command,

Once the JAVA_HOME is set you can double-check it by running the command to make sure the correct JDK path is set:

Now you are ready for the next steps of the OBIEE 12c Install on IBM AIX… Happy Installing!

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