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Hyperion Myth #5: You Must Be an EPM Guru to Manage an EPM System

Jonathan Berry | | February 15, 2018

Oracle’s Hyperion suite of business process management and business intelligence software is a powerful, mature and extensive solution — so powerful that you might find it a little intimidating. With so many different applications included, from Essbase to Hyperion Financial Management, you might assume that you’ll need a different “guru” who can advise you on the proper use of each one.

Fortunately, this myth is easily debunked with the use of Datavail’s Application Performance Management (APM) software platform, developed by Hyperion specialists at recent acquisition Accelatis, which helps you focus less on the details of Hyperion and more on your core business competencies.

The Myth

Must you be an EPM guru to manage an EPM system? Let’s explore the myth with a little background. “Hyperion” is a catch-all name or brand that Oracle applies to the software that it bundles together in a single suite. Although all of these applications are used for enterprise performance management, they encompass a broad range of activities and purposes.

This is largely because not all the software has the same origins. Although some Hyperion applications were built internally by Oracle itself, other applications joined the Hyperion suite after Oracle acquired the software companies that developed them. In fact, Oracle acquired the namesake company Hyperion in 2007 and then retained the brand name for all members of the resulting software suite.

Unfortunately, Oracle hasn’t done everything it could to standardize the user experience across Hyperion. As a result, every product in Hyperion EPM has its own unique administration console and its own format for logging data.

The Mythbuster: Datavail’s APM Software Platform

The Hyperion specialists at Datavail recognized the discrepancies between the different Hyperion applications and designed our APM software platform, developed by Hyperion technologists at Accelatis, to help resolve them. Our software abstracts the task of EPM system management away from the gritty details of each Hyperion application and presents all data and content within a single standardized interface.

Your employees can use this to manage your Hyperion properties, logs, and software all via the same mechanisms, without having to understand the underpinnings of each application. There’s no need to have “gurus” for each piece of software who speak each other’s languages and who can interpret between these different data formats.

One of Datavail’s clients discovered this major time-saver right away upon adopting our platform. Previously, the client’s troubleshooting processes were slow and painstaking. In order to assemble the appropriate log data, the client needed the time and assistance of multiple experts for applications such as Essbase, Planning, and Hyperion Financial Management.

The Datavail APM platform cuts down on the need to involve countless people when just assembling data in your troubleshooting process. A single person on the support desk can quickly pull the logs that match the time frame you want to investigate and then send them to be analyzed by experts who can identify the problem.

Final Thoughts

Datavail’s APM software has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Hyperion administrators by giving them a single holistic management console. Cutting down on the number of superfluous “gurus” is just one of the ways that Datavail makes it easier to manage your Oracle Hyperion performance.

For more details on this and 8 other Hyperion myths, view our on-demand webinar: 9 Hyperion Myths That Are Making You Less Effective.

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