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By | In Art of BI | January 13th, 2010

Indeed it shall be a happy new year!

And, what better way to kick off the new year then to recap the previous year by taking a look at’s traffic, our most read posts, much needed off time, and what we have to look forward to this year in 2010 (w/o HAL). 2009 Traffic



As you can see since started last June or so we’ve had some steady traffic.  November was an awesome month for the site.  As expected, with the holidays, traffic tapered off.

Most Read Posts

I have to say that I am still baffled (this happens often) that the Informatica Video Tutorials on are by far the most popular posts.  Behind that are the OBIEE Google Mapping and Integrating a Web Service into OBIEE.  If you want to shout out your favorite, post a comment and share.

Much Needed Time Off

I took a few weeks off over the holiday to relax with the family, get caught-up on some side-projects, play with some new gadgets. I have also been on a killer project doing some SAP B/W to OBIEE integration and some other fun stuff with a client so that has also been consuming my days.  Somewhere in there I’ve been doing some research on my upcoming blog topics – see below.

Things to Looking Forward to in 2010

Well damn it if our number one priority isn’t going to be getting’s traffic numbers to something more respectable. The only way to do that is by providing some more “kick ass” blog posts.  I’ve got some great topics to push out and will start putting fingers to keyboard this week.  Get ready for some great Essbase Optimization, ASO Trickle Feed, Workspace & OBIEE integration, Essbase Data Mining, Informatica and integration, plus more.

And of course, aren’t we all looking forward the release of OBIEE 11 (Oracle BI 11).  I look forward to better solution for RPD merging, OLAP integration, and integration with the Oracle/Hyperion suite.

A Big Thanks to You

Thank you everyone that has been finding through their Google searches looking for answers to their BI conundrums.  Thank you also and especially for you comments. Please keep the comments coming as they really do drive me to write better content and keep the information flowing since I know it is being viewed.   I’ll continue to keep the lights on add a lot more videos.  The goal this year is to speak at Oracle Open World 2010.  Vote for me.

Cheers, Christian.

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