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Future-Proof Your Business with Oracle EPM Cloud

Author: David Silverstrim | | December 18, 2019

Software upgrades are the bane of every company using on-premise EPM software. Not only are software upgrades highly complex and time-consuming, they also tend to disrupt day-to-day user activities and business operations.

Yet with the enterprise technology landscape changing so rapidly, EPM software upgrades are a necessary evil. Companies need to maintain access to the latest EPM software features and ensure that their applications are protected against bugs and security vulnerabilities.

After many happy years of use since its release in 2015, Hyperion EPM on-premise is drawing to a close. Oracle has announced that after December 2020, it will no longer provide bug fixes and security patches for Hyperion EPM customers.

Users of who don’t want to get caught in the cold a year from now have two options: upgrade to Hyperion EPM 11.2 on-premise or take a leap of faith into the cloud. Sticking with Hyperion on-premise might seem like the easier option, but it’s a stopgap solution that will likely hurt you in the long run.

Oracle is still actively maintaining both the cloud and on-premise versions of its software, including EPM. However, Oracle has made it clear that the cloud represents the future of its business. New features and functionality are first rolled out to cloud software users before they’re made available to the on-premise version a few months later.

The cloud and on-premise versions of Oracle EPM software have now reached feature parity, with new additions hitting the cloud before going on-premise. It’s almost certain that this feature gap will remain or grow as Oracle devotes greater focus to its cloud offerings.

So, if you want to stay on the cutting edge of your enterprise technology, the most important question about migrating to Oracle EPM Cloud isn’t “if”—but “when.”

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Datavail has helped customers of all sizes and industries flawlessly execute cloud migrations, including to Oracle EPM Cloud.

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