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FUN with Oracle Standby Databases!

Chad Cleveland | | November 5, 2019

Man having fun with Oracle Standby Databases

Today I’m going to show you how to migrate a 1.2TB database from an on-site data center to a hosted Colo facility, it’s an upgrade to Oracle 12.2.

Here’s what’s nifty about it!

We installed Oracle 11.2 and 12.2 on a new host and patched 12.2 to July PSU + OJVM. I used RMAN Active Duplicate to build a standby database. Then I let the standby database run for about a week. From there I cleaned up the primary database by fixing all issues via Oracle’s and Datavail’s pre-upgrade checks. Datavail is the KING of database migrations and upgrades.

The Nifty Continues: Round #1

  • Set Restore point,
  • Stopped Log Apply,
  • Opened Database, allowed Apps to validate connectivity and basic app shakedown of New Hosts
  • Flashed back database, reset Standby and recaptured logs
  • Back to business

Round #2:

  • Set new Restore point,
  • Stopped Log Apply,
  • Upgraded database to 12.2,
  • Turned over to App Team to configure to new hosts and upgraded database
  • Shake down, validation…etc.


Then I reset the database to 11.2 via Restore points and then back to business! I removed unnecessary Oracle database components in primary. Database was originally built with DBCA and everything installed and turned on. The removal of unused Components will speed up the Upgrade Process, reduces user issues, and can help to avoid license issues.

select substr(comp_id,1,15) comp_id,substr(comp_name,1,30) comp_name,substr(version,1,10) version,status from dba_registry;SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL>


APEX Oracle Application Express INVALID –> not needed
SDO Spatial VALID –> Not used
ORDIM Oracle Multimedia VALID –> Not used
XDB Oracle XML Database VALID –> Need for 12.2
EXF Oracle Expression Filter VALID –> Not used
RUL Oracle Rules Manager VALID –> Not used
OWM Oracle Workspace Manager VALID –> Not used
CATALOG Oracle Database Catalog Views VALID
CATPROC Oracle Database Packages and T VALID
JAVAVM JServer JAVA Virtual Machine VALID
CATJAVA Oracle Database Java Packages VALID
RAC Oracle Real Application Cluster VALID

Round #3

  • Set new Restore point,
  • Stopped Log Apply,
  • Upgrade database to 12.2
  • Turned over to app team to configure new hosts and upgraded database
  • Shake down, validation…etc.


The Database upgrade time decreased by approximately 30 minutes. The app team reconfigured speed increased, app startup and testing to resume much faster.

Repeated Roll Back

Round #4

  • Same steps completed, but this was Go Live.
  • Completed Migration of both databases and applications in less than 90 Minutes.
  • Downtime was acceptable and repeated testing allowed prevention of unknown issues and sped up tasks by DBA and app teams.


And boom: Satisfaction by Users A+! That’s what Datavail aims for. We’re always seeking the best ways to migrate databases and as professionals continue to look for unique ways to test and plan for all of your database needs.

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