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Art of BI: Exploring OBIEE Collaborative BI – Webinar – June 20, 2014 (2pm EST)

Christian Screen | | June 15, 2014

If you’ve thought about commenting on OBIEE dashboards or believe that users need a way to tell the story about their data, you are not alone. We’re putting on the first webinar discussing Collaborative BI in Oracle Business Intelligence this Friday June 20th at 2pm EST. We’d like you to sign up for the webinar and attend here,

We’ve scheduled this on a Friday afternoon so that you can casually attend, listen in, or participate fully while enjoying your after lunch/dinner tea or coffee. Please forward this to any clients or consultants you think may be interested in this integration.

This webinar comes on the heels of the BITeamwork 2.8.2 release which showcases new functionality and improved performance for commenting within the OBIEE portal. Join us for an informative session as we discuss why Collaborative BI is the innovation that Oracle BI customers need in their OBIEE implementation.

Customers of Oracle Business Intelligence have for years sought the means to write back data, and otherwise annotate or comment on dashboards. This feature is now possible and available to customers of OBIEE. Learn how this new functionality brings even more business value to an existing BI implementation. Annotating dashboards creates a feedback loop which disrupts the traditionally top-down BI approach by providing a collective intelligence perspective which adds tremendous value to any BI implementation. Take a few minutes with us and join this webinar to explore the business cases and technology in the Collaborative BI solution for Oracle BI called BITeamwork. This is the tool that your business users need to take their Oracle Analytics insights not only to the next level but to re-engage those users who may have lost interest on the way to BI mediocrity. If you’ve thought about commenting on dashboards or believe that users need a way to tell the story about their data, this webinar is for you.

Sign-up for the webinar:

Download Dashboard Commenting Capability and Collaborative BI for Oracle BI,

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