Emergency DBA Support

By | In Blog | January 29th, 2010

Do you need emergency DBA help RIGHT NOW?

Blue Gecko provides emergency DBA support. We maintain a core focus area in emergent problem resolution and have restored and recovered databases for a variety of organizations using both conventional and extraordinary methods, such as:

  • Restore and recovery of physical backups
  • Data extraction and unloading from corrupted and inconsistent databases
  • Repair of corrupted redologs to allow roll-forward
  • Recovery through resetlogs
  • Operating system and filesystem repair and service restoration
  • Point-in-time recovery of subsets of a database (tablespace, table, sets of rows)

We are proven emergency DBA support experts.

Even if you’re not a Blue Gecko customer, we will help you.

Give us a call today: 1-866-397-BLUE

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