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Art of BI: Dynamic Dashboard Documentation – Flexible Page Content Control in OBIEE

There is a need within the OBI user community to have an OBIEE dashboard page where users can update the page content on one or more dashboard pages with metadata (information about the data contained on the dashboard) in free form. What we at Art of BI have done to fill that need is to […]

Ashley Fite | August 12, 2015

Art of BI: RM BI Forum – Day 1 (Or Day 2 for some)

The RittmanMead BI forum is happening again this year in the states in Atlanta, GA, and the caliber of Oracle BI experts is just as one would expect from this annual event for aficionados. I missed the MasterClass given by Kevin McGinley on Tuesday but it got rave revues from the attendees I’ve asked, although it did get a “Low Sentiment” score from the Endeca model created by Adam Ferarri which he designed to demo how Endeca can yank unstructured data, in this case Twitter posts using the #biforum hash tag from the attendees.

Christian Screen | May 16, 2012

Art of BI: Setting MacOS into 64-bit Mode

I came a cross an issue where I had the 32-bit version of VMWare Fusion on my Mac but I needed to run a 64-bit OS guest virtual machine image. The 32-bit mode of the Mac OS wouldn’t allow it. The message was something to the affect that the Mac must be running in 64-bit mode. I thought it did that by default – wrong. So, I sought a way to change the OS to operate in 64-bit mode. I thought it would be as simple as flipping a switch in the System Preferences. But of course, it couldn’t be that easy. Or, could it? Well, I found the answer and I am sharing that below for all of the hard core demo junkies wanting to get the Oracle BI SampleApp VirtualBox VM Image up on a VMWare app running on the Mac.

Christian Screen | February 23, 2012

Art of BI: Putting the Podcast Together

Putting the ArtOfBI podcast together guerrilla bare-bones on-the-cheap style is quite interesting.  There have been some challenges but ultimately with some open source software and some digging it has come together nicely. Currently I’ve been able to leverage Audacity for the audio and a WordPress Plug-In, Podcasting for the hook-up on the RSS feed required […]

Christian Screen | May 31, 2011

Art of BI: OBIEE 11g RPD Encryption is HomeGrown?

“Finally, a proprietary key-based encryption provides security to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the metadata repository.”

Christian Screen | April 23, 2011

Art of BI: PuTTy Color Scheme Solution

So, especially with trying to destroy OBI 11g and taking apart some other Oracle tools, since the OBI 11g beta, I have been using PuTTy like never before.  And today, the sun was shining onto my monitor at such an angle that it made my PuTTy tunnel terminal window almost impossible to see with its […]

Christian Screen | December 28, 2010