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big data

Art of BI: Data Warehouse vs. Data Hub

How is Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) different from an Enterprise Data Hub? A new whitepaper from Datavail examines the benefits of using data hubs.

Christian Screen | October 19, 2017
Oracle EBS Storage

The Importance of Reducing EBS Storage Footprint

Faster response times and improved application performance are some of the many benefits of reducing your EBS storage footprint.

John Kaufling | November 29, 2016
Weblogic Domain

Why Extend WebLogic Domain?

The reasons and benefits of extending WebLogic domains to enterprises.

Will Williams | November 15, 2016
Azure Alternative

Microsoft Azure As an Alternative to a Data Center

Thinking about using Microsoft Azure as an alternative to a data center? Learn about the features and benefits of Azure cloud services.

Andy McDermid | November 9, 2016
Weblogic Architecture

Architecture of WebLogic Domain

The parts of the WebLogic domain architecture and how each works in relation to one another.

Will Williams | October 25, 2016
Semi Sync MySQL

Improved Semi-Sync Replication in MySQL 5.7

This blog post explains benefits, features and limitations of the improved semi-sync replication in MySQL 5.7

Srinivasa Krishna | September 13, 2016