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Art of BI: Top 4 Initial Considerations for Data Lakes

Data lakes have many advantages for companies with a wealth of structured and unstructured data – much of which may not need to be accessed immediately, but will be important for future analytics. This data needs to be stored and managed, but accessible – ideally in an affordable manner.

Christian Screen | December 14, 2017

Oracle Highlights Datavail’s Christian Screen at KScope 2017

Cloud computing and IoT are two of the hottest trends out there and how they relate to our work at KScope 2017.

John Kaufling | December 6, 2017
big data

Art of BI: Data Warehouse vs. Data Hub

How is Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) different from an Enterprise Data Hub? A new whitepaper from Datavail examines the benefits of using data hubs.

Christian Screen | October 19, 2017
data warehouse

Art of BI: Why Your Business Needs a Data Warehouse

If your company has struggled with big data and data integrity, a data warehouse might be the solution. Here’s everything you need to know.

Christian Screen | October 10, 2017
Process documentation

Process Documentation and Business Intelligence

Good process documentation is the foundation of good business intelligence (BI). This post shows what good process documentation looks like.

John Kaufling | May 19, 2017
restaurant IT

Hey Restaurants! How Many Customers Do You Know By Name?

How do you increase restaurant revenue through customer segmentation? This post covers what restaurants can do to get to know their customers better through BI.

Dominic Yacovella | May 17, 2017
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