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Recovering Data/Content in SharePoint Online

Planning a migration from one-prem to SharePoint Online? New blog takes on four possibilities of data recovery in case of data loss.

Shashi Duddukuri | September 11, 2018

Use a SharePoint Hub Site to Transition to a Digital Workplace

Digital transformation has arrived but more recently seeing technology to transition into a digital workplace. Find out how a SharePoint Hub Site gets you there.

Mo Anwar | May 31, 2018

How to Customize SharePoint to Create a Powerful Intranet: Part 2

SharePoint can store a large amount of information, if employees can’t find the documents they need quickly, usage of the system will decrease quickly.

Mo Anwar | May 17, 2018

How to Customize SharePoint to Create a Powerful Intranet: Part I

The speed-to-respond is a major factor in today’s business world. A strong and secure intranet is a must to support collaboration and improve security.

Mo Anwar | May 9, 2018

Many Customers = Many Journeys

Use of the “customer journey map” is growing as industries recognize the value of understanding and responding to their customers’ unique needs and demands.

Vikas Mukhi | May 3, 2018

Pre-Pay Electricity: Here’s Some IT You Could Use

If you’re a utility looking at a prepaid offering, you should consider these types of IT support that can make prepaid service succeed or fail.

Vikas Mukhi | April 26, 2018