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Can Scripts Improve Quality of DBA Customer Service?

Author: Manish Tripathi | 2 min read | October 29, 2015

Quality customer service can be tough to define. For many Datavail clients, it’s one of those “I know it when I experience it” situations.

We want each client encounter — whether it originates with a telephone call or an emailed ticket request — to be considered a high-quality one by the client or project stakeholder.

Can customer support service experiences be consistent and replicated? We say, “Yes.”

In addition to sharing technical expertise, there are many factors associated with providing quality customer service, especially when human interaction is involved. Datavail database administrators maintain a specific, consistent experience while allowing us to seize many opportunities to exceed minimum standards.

Goal of Consistency

In the ticket handling process, for example, language is extremely important. We strive for consistency in how clients are addressed and in how the database administrator communicates with the client about their ticket request.

Those points sound extremely simple but should be second nature to employees who work with people. Having consistent written and spoken communication allows us to ensure that every client — no matter the size of their project — has a dependably courteous, professional interaction with our staff.

Gregory Ciotti, writing on the HelpScout blog, said:

In the world of customer service, many would argue that pure scripts are the antithesis of great service.That is to say, customer service should be a conversation rather than a cold, lifeless script. However, given the variable nature of interacting with customers, it’s easy to see how support champs can certainly benefit from some forward thinking in dealing with tough scenarios.

Being professional and focused contributes to client satisfaction and their success.

Exceeding Expectations

At Datavail, we want to exceed a client’s expectations every time. We understand that we may be meeting a client under challenging circumstances, so it makes it even more important every client walks away satisfied.

Our goal is to leave a client not simply content that all questions or concerns are answered, but to ensure that he or she is completely satisfied in having chosen Datavail.

We hope that by explaining our philosophy and showing how we maintain consistent quality across our communications with clients, you’ll want to experience our customer service yourself. Please contact us for more information.

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