Art of BI: Branding OBIEE with Free Photoshop-like tool

By | In Art of BI, Potpourri | July 06th, 2009

We steadily brand our client’s OBIEE portals with their logos, color schemes, etc.  Usually this takes a tool like Photoshop to handle the graphics.  However, I just came across a very sweet, free, photoshop-like web tool that anyone can use to edit photos and even create graphics and color schemes with.

The group is called SmartSell and they are in the Netherlands.  Here is the link to the photoshop-like web tool.

I will throw out a quick disclaimer and state that I have not used SmartSell’s tool thoroughly and although I think it looks cool, I am not sure how powerful it is, if the site is maintained, etc.  And, I definitely don’t vouch for these guys. Check it out for yourself.

For color schemes I do use a nice tool that allows you to grab great hex codes for your CSS that you might manipulate when branding your OBIEE portals.  Check out ColorMatch5k when you get a chance to check your graphic art skills.

Update 9/22/2009

In addition to the graphics tool mentioned above, we have now run across Aviary, the tool which seems destined to be Photoshop’s replacement.  It is also web based and has an amazing approach to diagramming filter relationships.

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