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Art of BI: BITeamwork “Love Your Analytics” Blogger Challenge

Christian Screen | | January 22, 2014

Happy New Year and good tidings to all.

We’ve decided to kick off the New Year with a little challenge and a nice tangible reward.

You may have noticed that Art of BI Software has now evolved into an enterprise software start-up.  Of course, we are continuing our tradition of providing amazing Business Intelligence content through the Art of BI blog.  We’re now a start-up listed on Crunchbase and we’re excited to be there. Our first product, BITeamwork, the Collaborative BI solution for Oracle BI, is making waves, and we want everyone who knows something about Oracle BI to be a part of that, hence this email.

We’ve just recently trademarked our new slogan, “Love Your Analytics.”  Our new byline comes from our great adoration for the accomplishments made by the good folks at Pythian where they are passionate about data.  We feel that “Love Your Analytics” represents our passion for Business Intelligence and our compassion for the individuals and teams who help make business decisions for their companies on a day-to-day basis.

So, just what is this BITeamwork “Love Your Analytics” Blogger Challenge that I’ve mentioned?

To inaugurate “Love Your Analytics” and to launch BITeamwork, the Collaborative BI solution for Oracle BI, into the hearts and minds of BI practitioners, we’ve designed a limited edition “Respect the Data…Love Your Analytics” T-shirt.  Our office minions have just unboxed our limited edition t-shirts and they look great as you can see from the image below.

Because BITeamwork’s core principals are about collaboration, user adoption, user engagement, and enhancing the “Front End” UX of Oracle BI, these T’s make an emphatic statement about respecting the data that empowers the analytics – canonizing the teamwork that drives company decisions and competitive advantages.

This challenge is to designed to help you familiarize yourself with BITeamwork, understand what Collaborative BI in Oracle BI looks like, and of course, increase your Oracle BI skills in the process.

So you want a T-shirt?  Simply complete one of the following tasks:

  1. Write a blog post about BITeamwork on your personal or your company’s Oracle-centric or BI-centric blog, then send us a link to the published post.
  2. Become a customer of BITeamwork.
  3. Donate $100 dollars (we’ll match it) to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, and tweet the following message (Seriously):

    @benioff, @artofbi just matched my donation to your hospital. Checkout and see how it integrates with #Salesforce #Chatter.

Oh, yes, my friends, the challenge is real. If you are walking around the BIWA Summit conference this month you may have seen a few attendees wearing one of these prized T-shirts. Whether you align more on the data side or the on the analytics side of the BI equation, this T-shirt is for you, so enter the challenge and get yours.

Below are the official rules for the BITeamwork “Love Your Analytics” Challenge.

Challenge Rules:

Writing a blog post clearly requires you to download BITeamwork and install it in your Oracle BI environment. Your blog post can be any length but must contain at least two screenshots of your installation of BITeamwork in your environment. Once you’ve posted your BITeamwork “Love Your Analytics” blog post to your blog (We’ll count a good LinkedIn post as well), send us a link to it, your T-shirt size and address, and we’ll ship it out. For an example, see

Principal contacts at current customers of BITeamwork and new customers of BITeamwork will automatically receive a T-Shirt.

Donate a $100 dollars to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and send the Tweet shown above verbatim via your Twitter account.  Then send us an email (more(at) with your T-shirt size, donation confirmation, and address, and we’ll match the $100 donation and ship out the t-shirt. We’ll continue to match donations until we run out of t-shirts.

The competition is open to anyone on the globe.  Blogger Challenge participants may enter only once per challenge task.

Again, we’ve ordered only a limited set of T-shirts so these are being given out on a first come, first served basis. We hope you’ll help us do our part in keeping the Oracle BI community strong and fun, so please engage in this challenge and have a bit of fun with us.

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