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BITeamwork 3.5 Releases to Great Excitement

Christian Screen | | May 7, 2015

BITeamwork 3.5 Released

We’ve never had such interest and anticipation from our customers and potential customers as with the BITeamwork 3.5 release which is now GA. More fine tuning has taken place within this release along with several new features. Read more below and be sure to visit us at our Art of BI Software booth at KScope15 and we’ll be happy to chat with you and give a personal demonstration. Our team, Dave, Ashley, and a few other folks will be glad to meet up with you.

BITeamwork 3.5 Features

In essence, BITeamwork is now aiming to change the concept of financial reporting through OBIEE. With existing features such as Inline Cell Commentary (which does not use native OBIEE write back) BITeamwork has pulled in several well branded customers and excited even more well-known institutions. With this release we’ve added the concept of taking screenshots of the view or entire dashboard and provided the output with comments beneath (similar to footnotes) so that a report can be easily distributed with context to comments and the visualization of the data. This screenshot capability also allows BITeamwork to display the Inline Cell Comments along with the tabular pivot table or table data so that communication of the collaborative memorializing of data with annotations can be delivered in full.

Screenshot 2015-05-07 09.13.49

What’s even cooler about the new screenshot feature is that you can now even include the Sketch functionality as part of the screenshot.  The Sketch functionality has been integrated in the product since around version 1.x, and we’ve finally solved the problem of adding a screenshot to capture the markup with the rest of the dashboard.

Screenshot 2015-05-07 09.31.02

The last major functionality increase enhancement of the 3.5 release is a new feature set we refer to as “Dynamic Dashboard Documentation”, or Dynamic Documentation for short.  This gives any user given access privileges the ability to create or modify HTML content directly on the dashboard page without requiring the need to edit the dashboard page directly itself through the OBIEE “Edit Dashboard” feature. Said a different way, the business case is that for super users who wish to maintain an index or information page around a subject area or line of business dashboard, they can do so freely with full HTML rich text input, that corresponds to the context of any prompt selectivity used on the page.

 Screenshot 2015-04-28 23.23.30

This provides the means to modify the content just as seamlessly so that updates in real-time can be made at the super users whim. The result of this enhancement is another fantastic extension to the BITeamwork solution that now covers even more areas of collaboration requirements that customers of Oracle BI have.

Last, but certainly not least, is the straightforward means to export comments within table or pivot table view directly to MS Excel or to CSV. This is critical as if you wish to export a table containing Inline Cell Comments, one must use the BITeamwork “Print Comment” option. Doing so provides a nice menu selection to use in order to choose how you wish to export or print the data. Choosing Export to Excel will prompt the user to save or open the exported document. Amazing, right?

Screenshot 2015-05-07 09.13.25

As we’ve said before, BITeamwork is not a solution awaiting a problem. It is betterment to the collaborative nature of Business Intelligence that makes sharing information within an organization more efficient and assists in producing a culture of teamwork within analyzing your organization’s information. The more functionality BITeamwork provides the more your users will not only use your Oracle BI investments but take pleasure in doing so.

Try BITeamwork by downloading the latest version here,


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