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Art of BI: BITeamwork 3.0 – The “Larry Ellison” Release Now GA

Christian Screen | | December 1, 2014

It’s here. It’s here! Our development team is completely excited to present to the world the latest version of the groundbreaking market leading Collaborative BI software solution, BITeamwork. Please welcome to the stage, BITeamwork 3.0 – The “Larry Ellison” Release.

We’ll get to the key new features that BITeamwork 3.0 brings to your Oracle BI implementation in a moment. Now if you’ve been following our development efforts over the last year or so, you may have noticed that all of our key milestones are attributed to pioneers in computing and technology. We and our customers have been enamored by what BITeamwork has brought to the Oracle Analytics product suite and our customers have shared their visions to even further our innovations in Business Intelligence. In the end it’s all about people and process. As such, the pioneering iconoclast who is immortalized synonymously with technology innovation, Larry Ellison, has always been a technology hero of ours. As such we labeled this release of BITeamwork 3.0 the “Larry Ellison” release.

Larry Ellison, co-founder and long term CEO of Oracle Corporation rained in the relational database system era with the Oracle database. Ellison was born in 1944, attended most of his schooling in the Chicago area, and then moved to California where he later gained his first forays into database design and entrepreneurship. Over the many years, at the helm, Ellison has expanded his Oracle corporation through innovations and adventurous endeavors that has kept Oracle technology and his person at the center of attention. His contributions to charities, technology, and enterprise software have motivated so many on a global level including our small team of experts here at Art of BI Software.

We felt that the innovation that BITeamwork brings to Business Intelligence and Enterprise Analytics was reflected when we codenamed the BITeamwork 3.0 release after one of our technology idols. So, it brings us great pleasure to present BITeamwork 3.0 to masses. Let’s look at a few of the key new features in this release.

New Features of BITeamwork 3.0

Inline Cell Comments

Our intellectual property around cell annotations was ground breaking but what has resonated most strongly through the Beta testing of BITeamwork 3.0 has been this feature which puts a comment into an existing or new OBIEE analysis/report in the same row as the data. BI Authors can add an inline cell comment to an analysis/report with relative ease. It leverages an customizable API which allows the author to adjust size of the comment area, background color, options, and some other options at the report development level. As an extra Criteria Column in the analysis/report it abides by all report display actions and interactions.

Learn more about Inline Cell Comment by signing up for our upcoming webinar on the subject.

Embedded BI for Ubiquitous Analytics

Early on we strived to make accessibility to Oracle BI dashboards and reports easier to consume within the enterprise for customers of Oracle BI. This includes access internally and externally to those Oracle BI customers who have users outside of the firewall or with limited licenses for the product. BITeamwork 3.0 provides an accessible way to take a graph, table, or chart and place it into any other web portal, SharePoint site, WebCenter site, or web page within the company. Each embedded BI portlet can be created in just minutes and instantly displayed on another system – security in tact and expansive pervasive BI at your control. Embdded BI functionality can be set as dynamic or static content.

Configuration File Editing

We’ve given power to your Oracle BI Administrators through Collaborative BI and we’ll continue to do so going forward. With our innovation for Oracle BI unlike any other you’ve seen, BITeamwork 3.0 now gives OBIEE Administrators the ability to edit the key configuration files of OBIEE all within the OBIEE Administration Page of the Oracle BI portal. Out editor includes syntax highlighting for specific file types like XML and INI so that when editing the instanceConfig.xml file you can logically recognize the elements you are editing. Writing or making changes to each OBIEE configuration file instantly creates a time-stamped backup file on the server and makes the configuration file ready for a BI System restart for the changes to take effect. You can modify all key files from all instances on your scaled-up or scaled-out OBIEE architecture with ease.

Oracle Mobile BI Deployment Editor

Many customers of Oracle BI will embark on a project to give users access to their BI data from a mobile device and will notice early on that there is a challenge to deploying the Oracle BI Mobile configuration information to its many mobile user candidates. This amounts to hours of involvement and hours taken from an OBIEE or Systems Administrator where they deprioritize their core tasks. In BITeamwork 3.0, the concept of Oracle Mobile BI Configuration Deployment was developed. A new configuration setting allows OBIEE Administrators to configure a single Oracle Mobile BI template and then deploy it to one user or thousands of users in one-click. Imagine the alternative of configuring a thousand devices one at a time, and then check out how the administrator can configure once, have a central place to manage the deployment configuration template, and deploy to hundreds or thousands of users without ever having to physically touch a single mobile device.

Bug Fixes & Road Map

The BITeamwork 3.0 release also provides several key updates that assist to sturdy the software. A change log can be found here. But the development doesn’t stop here. Take a look at the BITeamwork product development road map.

How to Get It

Request a demonstration of BITeamwork 3.0 or download it an install in your OBIEE environment today.

Thank you to all of our customers, our beta testers, and the Oracle Analytics community for making this release a huge success.

Training and Learning

Be sure to checkout the updated “Learn” section to see updated content for using BITeamwork.

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