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Art of BI: BITeamwork 2.8.4 GA – Collaborative BI Focused

Christian Screen | | August 14, 2014

After one of our longest stints between GA releases we are happy to release BITeamwork 2.8.4. This version of the Collaborative BI Framework provides enhanced functionality and bug fixes.

As a minor release this version brings some much request functionality desired by our existing customers. The following will give you and idea of what to expect when you download BITeamwork and try it for yourself.

BITeamwork 2.8.4 Features

Better Notifications with images and notifications

Leveraging the BI Delivers system we have achieved proper fusion with the distribution of comment notifications and bursting the notification via email and through the Oracle BI delivers system. This means that each comment, even containing HTML such as bold text, images, or video associated with a comment will be sent to the notified group or user containing the comment content as authored.

Better Scalability when expanded content exists in Comments

Comments are now displayed correctly and consistently no matter the width (length) or height (depth) of the comment or its associated context such as video or images. This is especially relevant where there are comments with limited breaks or spaces in sentence structure seen in unicode and symbol based languages such as Simplified Chinese.

Comment Context Single Prompt Focus Sensitivity

Probably the most requested enhancement for commenting within the BI system is the ability to focus the context of the comment to a single prompt within the existence of more than one prompt on the dashboard. The screenshots below illustrate a dashboard page with several prompts. If a user desires to create a comment so that the perspective is based on only one of the prompts, this is accomplished by selecting the Prompt Fix option. Doing so provides an option to focus the comment perspective to the value(s) currently selected in the respective prompt chosen from this menu. In the example below the Organization prompt is chose so any dashboard query where the Organization prompt value of “Franchise Org” is selected will allow the comment to be visible, regardless of the other prompt selections.

Splash Page Administration Updates Refresh User’s Prompting Regardless of Hide

The splash page configuration is by default configured for administrative override of the user’s selection to acknowledging the Splash Page when indicating to not show the splash page again. Customer use cases sited for this enhancement request require the need to repeatedly update the splash page notification several times throughout a given day in order to alert users to changes. If an end user has already acknowledged the original splash page for the day, when an administrator updates the splash page content the splash page will again render for the end user. The user will then again be given the option to dismiss the updated splash page.

Print Comments functionality

Although visible in BITeamwork 2.8.3 cell comment and dashboard comment printing has been enhanced to reflect the content based on comment context as well as the comment context single prompt focus. Yes, comments print to PDF.  Awesome, right?

Training Inside of Oracle BI

As a touch of brilliance BITeamwork has extended its prowess to include a logical means of helping end-users find real-time in the moment help and orientation of the BI system by providing an abridged touring reference. This allows users who are new to the BI system or BITeamwork to quickly gain reference to core features within the product.

Of course our team would be more than willing to get your team a demonstration of BITeamwork.  You can also download the latest version, BITeamwork 2.8.4 from

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