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Art of BI: BITeamwork 2.0 Now Available for Oracle BI

Christian Screen | | August 6, 2013

Yesterday, BITeamwork 2.0 was released as GA for Oracle BI 11g. This marks the point of BITeamwork officially launching out of its infancy and into a more mature release. That’s right, BITeamwork is no longer a 1.x release. Several organizations are currently leveraging BITeamwork for their Collaborative BI solution.

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This release of BITeamwork (version 2.0) is named the “Diesel” release. We are paying homage to one of the most brilliant engineers of any time, Rudolph Christian Karl Diesel. Diesel was born in Paris, France in 1858 and raised from his teen years in living in Germany. He had a passion for mechanics which he ultimately pursued in order to become one of the world’s greatest engineers. He would ultimately hold numerous patents and change the way world moves, as the inventor of the “Diesel” engine.

We like to think that we are helping to move Oracle BI forward with BITeamwork.

There are several new enhancements with the 2.0 release and also many bug fixes. At this point we feel confident that BITeamwork is a smooth install, a smooth configuration, and a very important component to any Oracle BI 11g implementation. We believe BITeamwork 2.0 is one of the best things to happen to Oracle BI since the introduction of Fusion Middleware to the Oracle BI platform. Or, at least since Ellison and Benioff recently came to terms on their technology collaboration future.

Probably the most intense addition to BITeamwork 2.0 is the ability to use SQL Server as the schema repository for BITeamwork metadata. The previous releases of BITeamwork only supported the Oracle RDBMS and of course BITeamwork 2.0 still does. There was quite a surprising number of requests to make sure the next version of BITeamwork allowed configuration with Microsoft SQL Server and now it is in the product. This was no easy feat but BITeamwork is ready to go for those Microsoft SQL Server based installations. There are currently no plans to support DB2 or MySQL at this point, although we’ve laid the groundwork in this release to do so in future versions if requested.

The next best addition really dives into the capabilities of what BITeamwork could be for all users of a BI Application. BITeamwork 2.0 provides administrators with the ability to view the NQSConfig.INI and InstanceConfig.xml configuration files in the presentation layer Administration page.



How awesome is that? This is currently a read only access view of the OBIEE core configuration files, but just think what his brings to administrators of the tool. You could remove the need for a user to PutTy or remote into the server just to determine a configuration setting all because the information is right where it should be, in the “Administration” page. Duh!

In regards to bug fixes the most exiting was compliance, finally, with Internet Explorer (IE). IE browsers are known pain points for new web application development and BITeamwork was no exception. A lot of focus was given to this aspect and IE browsers version 8+ are certified with BITeamwork. Of course, current versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are supported as well. IE7 has never been supported by BITeamwork and there are no plans to go backwards to support any versions prior to IE8.

There are many new enhancements in the system such as increased support for, beta support for Podio collaboration, implementation of Google-backed AngularJS, draggable notes, smoother administration interfaces, configuration file viewing, and several other technical details transparent to end users all of which make BITeamwork a great value add utility for any Oracle BI 11g implementation.

Hopefully you’ll find that BITeamwork is the tool to help move any Oracle BI implementation into an even higher level of analytics through collaboration and value-add administration features not available out of the box.

Download BITeamwork 2.0 today! If you have a weak Oracle BI implementation, unskilled Oracle BI developers and administrators, or a lack of  vision for Business Intelligence, then you may consider alternative solutions.

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