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BITeamwork 1.9 Released (Babbage)

Christian Screen | | April 25, 2013

BITeamwork is now certified to work with Oracle BI 11g  I should lead with that statement in the title but it is such a delight to see the Oracle Collaborative BI solution perfectly integrated into the latest release of the best-in-class Enterprise Business Intelligence tool, OBIEE.

The Oracle BI Development team has incorporated several of the enhancement requests that @artofbi submitted for both presentation layer and security management. We are delighted at the release and even more ecstatic that the roadmap for Oracle BI 11g and BITeamwork have aligned in such symbiotic fashion.  For this reason we’ve code name this release of BITeamwork, the Charles Babbage release.

As you already know, Charles Babbage is credited as the engineer who originated the concept of a programmable computer and also considered by some as the “father of the computer”.  Babbage was a mathematician, engineer, and philosopher (1791-1871). Not much is known about Babbage’s early years except that he had a penchant for learning, particularly math and science, and he enjoyed discovering the unknown. Ultimately after several attempts at creating mathematical computing machines such as the Difference Engine, his breakthrough came with the Analytical Engine which marked the era for the general purpose computation via machine. The Analytical Engine, circa 1871, utilized pushed cards in order for the machine to be programmed. Many of the computing concepts pioneered by Baggage one-hundred years ago are still utilized in modern computing.

The main impetus of the BITeamwork 1.9 release was the certification with Oracle BI  However, it also includes several enhancements such as:

* Addition of Italian, Russian, and Danish language/localization
* Addition to control (ESN) API end-point
* Dynamic logging
* Certification with OBIEE

A Quick Look at Obstacles

After speaking with several other Oracle BI thought leaders it was mentioned that it would be great if some of the challenges in creating BITeamwork could be exposed.  I truly hope to talk more on these points in the near future as needless to say there are quite a lot of them.  One of which is the effort required to certify that BITeamwork works in both readily used version of OBIEE,,, etc..  This is a challenge in itself by testing every release (minor or patch worthy) of OBIEE that comes out of the gate to ensure that no new changes breaks the compatibility of BITeamwork.  During the process to ensure the certification, there was one issue having to do with dashboard rendering that was more annoying than preventative, which I’ll explain in more detail.

So, in OBIEE when the reading a cell comment a comment reader window appear under the Global Header.  This works perfectly fine under OBIEE  However, in, the dashboard actually renders over the Global Header images due to a drastic change in the Presentation Layer.  This is also the case with some of the new Trellis based charting which they are finally doing in HTML5 (instead of Flash).

The image above is actually showing the second issue behind a trellis’d pivot table, it was worse before that fix. So, after several failed attempts to mimic the intended functionality as shown in, we had to push the comment reader window in to the upper left corner of the dashboard.  This eliminates the rendering behind the dashboard and is out of the way of the dashboard charting and graphing.  Notice the custom cell comment icons that were added in version 1.8.5, cool, right?

Here’s what the BITeamwork 1.9 release continues to look like in OBIEE

There are several more maintenance type solutions that were worked on in order to certify BITeamwork for OBIEE and we are so excited to release this version to the masses.  Please pour in your feedback once you’ve download BITeamwork.

What’s Next?

The next release of BITeamwork continues to extend the Oracle Business Intelligence offering by releasing more sought after integration features of Self-Service Analytics and general Business Analytics, Embedded BI.  Embedded BI allows an organization to post an Oracle BI view (i.e.: table, pivot table, chart, etc.) on a separate portal or web application such as a company’s SharePoint, WebCenter, or intranet site, in a manageable way. If you thought Collaborative BI was amazing, get ready for Embedded BI.

There will be several minor releases between the much anticipated 2.0 release which will include more localization and other minor enhancements but rest assured that BITeamwork is here to stay and will continue to offer value-add enhancements to Oracle BI.

Christian will also be speaking at the RittmanMead BI Forum in May #biforum and will be discussion tactics and techniques on creating plug-ins for Oracle BI along with pitfalls and other ancillary information you need in order to create additional functionality in OBIEE.

Customers of Oracle BI can of course download BITeamwork for Oracle BI 11g today!

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