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Art of BI: BITeamwork 1.8 (Nobel Release) – It’s Dynamite

Christian Screen | | March 27, 2013

If you haven’t taken a look at BITeamwork for Oracle BI 11g, you are either a newbie to Oracle BI or you’ve been waiting on an invitation. Since you are reading this, consider this your personal invitation.

BITeamwork has been out since Oracle Open World 2012 but since its involvement with several customers the product has evolved into a really amazing software offering. Clearly BITeamwork is the collaboration solution for Oracle BI which allows users to create dashboard comments, table and pivot table cell annotations, and then manage it all but it also has some amazing administration features. Actually, the roadmap for BITeamwork is to make up many of the gaps that customers see in the BI product such as custom metadata dictionaries, better management tools for ibots/agent, Embedded BI, and a better caching system. Customers and implementers of Oracle BI should support the product now so that these items on the roadmap actually come to fruition.

BITeamwork 1.8 – The Nobel Release

The latest release of BITeamwork is version 1.8 and its codenamed the “Alfred Nobel” release after the Swedish engineer, innovator, and inventor of Dynamite which stands out as his most well-known invention.  Mr. Nobel was a survivor a skilled manufacture and fluent in more than five languages. Often his inventions took something that was already existing, common-place or otherwise, and made them better by adding his modifications or processes. He knew that his inventions would have a huge impact on the world. He brought methodical means and process improvement to his efforts. He changed many industries forever with his solutions and inventions. You could even say that his solutions were “dynamite” just like this release of BITeamwork.

What’s new in BITeamwork 1.8?

The BITeamwork 1.8 release has several bug fixes and several new enhancements. Enhancements include customization of the collaboration panel and localization. Let me state that last one again…Localization. BI tools such as Oracle BI 11g are global products and BITeamwork is now officially global. As of this release only German and French are supported as this is where the first non-English customers are based. If you are able to assist with translating BITeamwork into your native language the BITeamwork team definitely wants to hear from you. The next languages to be supported are Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, and Russian.

Customizing the color of the BITeamwork is now a piece of cake. Your BITeamwork Administrator even has flexibility over positioning and Hex Color selectivity.

In addition to these customizations, they have also created a more seamless hidden navigation pane to concertina open the collaboration pane. It hides nicely at the bottom of the Oracle BI Dashboard window as seen in the image below.

Lastly, one of the new features added to this release shows BITeamworks’ continued commitment to annotating cell comments for tables and pivot tables.  EPM users and BI users alike will love the new enhancements here. This release allows an Administrator to modify the cell comment color or use a custom icon indicating a cell annotation exists.  Again, this is all modular, works on any table or pivot table for any user (if given privileges), and is available now.

Collaborative BI…Oh yeah, it’s on!

Download BITeamwork 1.8

The next major release of BITeamwork is not due out for a couple of months. The development lifecycle is becoming so fluid and our developers knowledge of Oracle BI so deep that the BITeamwork development team is open to suggestions for functionality that you want to see in the product. At this point the “sky is the limit”, so send in those suggestions and get involved with the amazing work that’s happening with BITeamwork.  Download it here.

Localization Effort

As mentioned above, the localization effort of BITeamwork is underway. If you are interested in seeing BITeamwork in your native language you can begin by taking a look at the Git Repository on GitHub, BITeamwork-Localization, Follow the instructions there to translate the two main templates and submit a pull request.

I’m looking forward to future conversations on BITeamwork, Collaborative BI, and plug-in enhancements with the Oracle BI community.

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