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QA as a Service and Testing as a Service are Your AppDev Team’s Secret Weapon

Working with a QA & software testing provider can help you deploy better-performing apps & reduce costs. Learn more.

Richard Schulz | January 11, 2022

9 Types of Software Tests for Application Development

Comprehensive software testing is an essential part of AppDev. The testing process allows your organization to create reliable apps with fewer defects.

Richard Schulz | January 5, 2022

Why Should Regression Testing Be Automated

With the increase in new software releases, regression testing needs to be conducted before they are launched. There are many benefits to automating this testing.

Richard Schulz | December 21, 2021

10 Benefits of Automated Regression Testing

Regression testing can be automated, which frees you from the monotony and delivers many benefits. Here are a list of benefits for automating regression testing.

Richard Schulz | December 14, 2021