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Reducing the Wait for Garbage Collection

When we’re profiling application code, there’s one common problem in the Java operating environment that has the potential to affect the entire application: Garbage Collection.

John Kaufling | April 21, 2014

Effective Database Indexing Can Optimize Operations

Effective database indexing can increase performance and productivity, but the wrong index may render the process useless.

John Kaufling | October 30, 2013

DBAs Need to Work With Colleagues on Database Security

Database security is enhanced when DBAs join forces with security professionals.

John Kaufling | October 29, 2013

Using Your Archived Data

Archives are often thought of as static data repositories, but although the information isn’t used in daily operations it can still be valuable.

John Kaufling | October 24, 2013

Is Data Archiving Obsolete?

With so much data available to organizations these days, is there any benefit associated with archiving data?

John Kaufling | October 23, 2013