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What Are Your Storage Options in SQL Server?

As we discussed previously in our SQL Server issues blog post, regular and reliable database backups are the foundation of database administration.

Eric Russo | November 20, 2014

SharePoint Tips: How to Update SharePoint Server 2013

There’s been some confusion regarding the SharePoint Server 2013 patch process. Don’t think you’re alone.

Eric Russo | November 17, 2014

Help for the Accidental DBA: Using Twitter as a SQL Server Resource

Have you found yourself thrust into new responsibilities within your IT department as a manager overseeing database operations?

Eric Russo | October 17, 2014

Applying Moore’s Law to Data Growth

When Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, made this observation in 1965, he sought to a simple measure for the growth in integrated circuits, not the exponential growth in data.

Eric Russo | October 8, 2014

Getting Started with Approvals in Hyperion Planning

Controlling the budget creation and submission process is always a challenge.

Eric Russo | October 3, 2014

Install DRM and Foundation Services Issues/Fixes

I was having too much fun installing and configuring Foundation Services this week and would like to share some of my experiences.

Eric Russo | October 3, 2014

SQL Data Load Error

So you’ve decided to use a relational data source to load data into an Essbase cube using the EAS SQL Interface and a load rule.

Eric Russo | October 3, 2014

Check DRM Application Status – vbscript

Here is a small vbscript that can be used to check if DRM Application is up and running, this will come handy if for any reason you want to check if application is up and may be kick off exports form batch utility.

Eric Russo | October 3, 2014

EPMA to the Max

With the EPMA Batch Client, a little Perl scripting and a dash of SQL, you can easily automate the maintenance of your Oracle EPM metadata.

Eric Russo | October 3, 2014