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Quick Thoughts on DB2 Performance

Database performance issues are all about change. Craig Mullins explains in latest blog post.

Craig Mullins | November 9, 2017

Reading Things That Aren’t There… and Missing Things That Are!

New blog post takes you through a couple DB2 features in order to help you read your data in the database correctly.

Craig Mullins | October 26, 2017

Data Types: The Importance of Choosing the Correct Data Type

Most DBAs have struggled with the pros and cons of choosing one data type over another. This blog post discusses different situations.

Craig Mullins | October 11, 2017

Limiting the Number of Rows Fetched

Craig Mullins’ blog post maps out the process for developers who need to retrieve a limited number of qualifying rows from a table.

Craig Mullins | September 27, 2017
dba, db2

The “Dirty” Read (AKA Uncommitted Read)

The dirty read capability can provide relief to concurrency problems for faster performance. Make sure to understand the implications of the UR isolation level.

Craig Mullins | September 13, 2017

Db2 Isolation Levels: Know Your ISOLATION Levels

It is important for DB2 DBAs and application programmers to know the four isolation levels and their impact on SQL in order to control concurrency and locking.

Craig Mullins | August 30, 2017
DMBS integrity

Ensuring Data Integrity is a Tricky Business

Keeping track of database objects and ensuring that each object is created, formatted and maintained properly is the goal of database structure integrity.

Craig Mullins | August 18, 2017

Approaches to Access Path Management… or The Five R’s

Craig Mullins’ blog post takes users through the different approaches to access path management in order to develop strategies on how to REBIND your programs.

Craig Mullins | July 25, 2017
DB2, bufferpool

Basic DB2 Buffering and Memory Guidelines

One of the most important areas for tuning DB2 subsystem performance is memory usage. This post shares buffering and memory guidelines for better DB2 performance.

Craig Mullins | July 11, 2017