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Art of BI: Oracle Analytics Training Courses — What You Need to Know

Author: Sherry Milad | 7 min read | March 9, 2017

It should come as no surprise that staying on top of data analytics trends and technology is expected to remain one of the top priorities for companies across the globe. A research and analyst firm report, Predictions for 2017: Everything is Becoming Digital, forecasted and described key trends for this year, including, as reported by TechTarget, “real-time feedback and analytics to explode in maturity, the emergence of a new generation of performance management tools and the rapid commoditization of artificial intelligence or machine learning.”

Business Intelligence is all about turning data into actionable insights for informed business decision making. As Pratik Dholakiya, Co-Founder of digital marketing agency E2M and contributor to Entrepreneur, points out, this “includes information that can be used to improve sales, eliminate wasteful processes, and identify opportunities for growing your company.”

So how do companies get this kind of value out of their data? Knowing what you want to do with the information you’re collecting and how to analyze it using Business Intelligence (BI) reporting solutions is a great start. One way to get there is to participate in group training. Making sure you have budgeted for training and have committed the necessary resources to train your employees is part of the big picture.

Company or group training vs. individual

The advantages of training your employees as a group, as opposed to one-on-one or self-driven training, are worth considering:

  • Streamlined time management. Training everyone at once cuts down on time spent getting everyone up to speed. Having it done by a third party frees up time for management to focus on other tasks.
  • Cost savings. Group training costs less than individual training. With the cost savings you can better plan for future business needs.
  • Open channels of communication. By training in groups, your employees will all have access to the training team, learning resources, and each other — all at the same time. The group setting provides an open forum where employees can ask questions, participate in the discussion, have their concerns addressed by a professional, and even learn by hearing their colleagues ask questions.
  • Less strain on management. When everyone receives the same information at the same time, the possibility of not fully understanding the material and turning to management post-training for assistance is reduced.

Datavail’s Oracle Analytics training courses

As one of Oracle’s most experienced partners, Datavail offers many options for group training on Hyperion, OBIEE, and Oracle BI (OBIA) Applications. Our training programs are built to help companies’ various departments that use Oracle Analytics to learn how to best take advantage of the applications. We not only teach the vast functionality the Oracle tool provides, we go beyond that into teaching how to apply best practices tailored to meet your company’s specific business needs.

In addition to the established courses on Oracle BI and data analysis tools, Datavail also offers customized courses based on your company’s system. We can build a training program based on your education and BI needs.

What you should know about our training courses

  • We use industry experts and published authors for development of our courses
  • Our instructors are experts and consultants in the course material(s)
  • We use real use cases and a hands-on approach to help our students learn
  • Our courses are built on top of one another, ensuring continuity
  • Our training materials are kept up to date
  • Class size and training locations are flexible
  • The course costs are competitive

Datavail’s current course offerings

In addition to custom training, Datavail currently offers five courses on Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), and one course each in the areas of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). Short descriptions are below. For more details on each course please visit our training page.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE):

1. OBI11-1101 — OBIEE 11g Reports and Dashboards Development

Duration: 2 days

What it offers: Essential knowledge in accessing, navigating, and interacting with the Oracle BI Environment so as not to be confused with Oracle BI Apps, including best practices. You’ll learn now to create reports and dashboards containing prompts, filters, and graphs; navigate the Oracle BI portal; export dashboard pages or analysis requests to PDF, MS Excel; set permissions/privileges for Oracle BI objects, and more.

2. OBI11-1102 — OBIEE 11g Advanced Reports and Dashboards Development

Duration: 1 day

What it offers: Enhancement of basic knowledge of Oracle BI report and dashboard development: advanced graphical analysis, report delivery, and other key development tasks essential to achieving complex reporting.

Prerequisite: OBI11-1101

3. OBI11-1104 — Oracle BI 11g Publisher Reporting Development

Duration: 1 day

What it offers: Exploration of the concept of Published Reporting in Oracle BI 11g via BI Publisher, formerly known as XML Publisher. Participants will create new data models from disparate data sources, develop pixel perfect reports, review the administration of BI Publisher, and integrate custom functions.

4. OBI12-1201 — OBIEE 12c Advanced Reports and Dashboards Development

Duration: 2 days

What it offers: Essential knowledge in accessing, navigating, and interacting with the Oracle BI’s new and enhanced 12c environment, including best practices: how to work with data retrieval through Oracle’s Visual Analyzer (VA) and the processes required to create self-service analyses and ad-hoc reports. Participants will learn how to: create Analysis requests with customizations and multiple graphical views (graphs, pivot tables, charts, performance titles, etc.); create dashboards containing prompts, filters, and graphs; navigate the Oracle BI portal, and more.

5. OBI11-1401 — Oracle BI Repository (RPD) Metadata Development and Administration

Duration: 2 days

What it offers: Best practices for modeling data sources through the Oracle BI metadata repository (RPD), and understanding the working architecture of the Oracle BI suite — primarily the Oracle BI server, its metadata layer, and its system components.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA)

OBI11-1501 — Oracle BI Applications 11g Development and Configuration

Duration: 1 day

What it offers: Understanding key concepts of the pre-built Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) 11g system through hands-on development processes, including best practices for several key implementations areas. Understanding how to build, monitor and deploy models and scenarios from scratch using the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Studio and Agent.

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

ODI11-4201 — Oracle Data Integrator 12c ELT Architecture & Development

Duration: 2 days

What it offers: Introduction of the concept of Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) for data migration using Oracle’s best of breed data migration solution, Oracle Data Integrator 12c. The course takes participants through the attainment of source data, best practice modeling and mapping of the data through stages of data cleansing, lookups, and other standard Data Warehousing techniques while further refining the data before it is loaded into staging and target tables.

Pricing and how to enroll

Our course fees range in price depending on classroom configuration — virtual or onsite location and the classroom size. To learn more about what options would work best for you please call us at 1-877-634-9222 or fill out a form on our training page.

Datavail is the largest provider of data and database administration (DBA) services in North America with more than 800 employees, analysts, developers and consultants. We offer 24×7 managed services and project consulting in database administration, BI/Analytics, data warehousing, and enterprise performance management. Datavail’s expert consulting team specializes in integrations, implementations, and upgrades for applications across the Oracle stack, including Hyperion, OBIEE, OBIA, GoldenGate, Weblogic and more.

For additional resources about Datavail’s Oracle offerings please download our white papers

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