Art of BI: How to Make a Linux Machine Use Latest Installed Java Version

By | In Big Data, Oracle, Oracle Applications | January 04th, 2017

Note that this document was written during OBIEE 12c upgrade from to, so the environments used here are a SampleAppv607 VM and a host machine.

Pre-requisite: Downloaded and installed the latest JDK

Once you have installed the latest JDK in your terminal window, run the command java –versionto know what the latest running java version on your machine is. If it is not the latest version, you’ll need to include the JAVA_HOME variable in your .bash_profile file. The .bash_profile file contains a script that is executed every time you log into your machine.

To make your Linux machine use the latest installed java version, perform the following steps:

1. If you do not already have FileZilla, install it on your host machine and create a New Site with the following details:

Note: By default, the SSH protocol only listens to port 22

2. Make sure your VM is turned off. Then, go into the Settings and under Networks, apply the following port forwarding for a new entry for SSH:

  1. Using FileZilla, connect to the new site you just created.
  2. Navigate to the /home/oracle folder:

5. Locate the .bash_profile file and edit it to enter the JAVA_HOME variable

  1. Now we can either restart the VM to reactivate the .bash_profile or we can enter the following command:

. ~/.bash_profile

  1. Finally enter the following command to see which java your machine is using:

which java

That’s it! Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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