Art of BI: Hotfix Patch Update Process for BITeamwork

By | In Art of BI, Big Data, Business Intelligence | October 25th, 2016

A hotfix patch is usually a one‐off fix submitted per customer issue resolution or a minor release of BITeamwork that satisfies a known bug or issue. Sometimes that hotfix patch will simply require an update to the WAR file deployed to the application server (i.e.: WebLogic), other times there may be a need for a SQL script Patch to be executed against the existing BITeamwork database repository when applying the overall hotfix patch provided to you. There are three types of patches categories: WAR file, SQL Script, Configuration Files. A hotfix usually requires just the WAR file and/or SQL Script. An upgrade can also be implemented in the same way as a patch but usually more specific upgrade instructions are provided. Upgrades are also often only incorporate a WAR file and SQL Script but often there is an update to the Configuration Files as well.

In order to apply a Hotfix Patch (or basic upgrade) follow the instructions below:

  • Given an existing installation of a version less than BITeamwork 3.0 this upgrade or hotfix should be applied to achieve a correct upgrade to this version. BITeamwork 3.0 is truly an UPGRADE from previous versions.
  • The term hotfix is used to relate to a single patch or minor version release of BITeamwork. For hotfixing, the folder in the downloaded BITeamwork directory called applyHotfixAndPatches may be used.
  • Instruction Steps:
    • Move the WAR file from the download to this /applyHotFix…. directory.
    • Configure the sh or bat file with the local server’s information as directed when editing the file
    • Execute the sh or bat file
    • Apply any SQL Upgrade files that are provided with the BITeamwork download for that version
    • Restart OBIEE system components
    • Verify version and accuracy by logging in to OBIEE
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