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Art Of BI Coverage of Business Analytics in 2013

Christian Screen | | January 11, 2013

There has been no shortage of re-hashed concepts in the realm of analyzing data for the enterprise over the last two years.  With the strongest of these buzz words, Mobile BI, Big Data, Data Discovery, Predictive Analytics and Social Intelligence (Collaboration) seeming to take the larger slice of the proverbial pie. According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms these are the highest ranking aspects of BI tool evaluation and scoring. There are so many areas to focus only and an attempt to leave no stone unturned may prove to fragment one’s overall knowledge base.

In 2013, the will take a stand and focus primarily on the trends that we believe are most important to the Business Analytics space.  At times we may diverge from our focused path to post some articles on ancillary topics but our key areas will be:

  • Social Intelligence and Collaborative BI
  • Mobile BI
  • and Predictive Analytics (yes, toss Data Discovery in this bucket)

Why calling the shot like Babe Ruth at crunch time?  It’s simple, really. We have focused on EPM and BI for such a time and we feel that advancements to those areas are near static. It is the evolution of Enterprise Software and the new use cases that were once only hopes and dreams of end-users that excite us these days.  EPM strategies and implementations along with standard Enterprise Business Intelligence programs are an absolutely integral part for any Enterprise Organization to instantiate and incrementally improve. However, it is this new breed of ancillary and complementing components and software that is driving the Business Analytics revolution. We don’t plan on missing that train.  We plan to bring thought leadership on those topics to the table.

Oracle software products have been at the crux of many articles.  We plan on augmenting that slightly by adding more of a comparable twist by adding insights from other software vendors competing in the same space.  We’re taking the approach of understanding the industry as a whole and dissecting what works best via the best solution for any given problem. We also see that there is a great demand for integration throughout the SaaS solution market that can in no way be solved by an individual vendor as allegiance to their own software stack almost inherently prevents them from being anything other than homogeneous (and in so many ways that makes sense). In that regard, we will attempt to highlight areas of opportunity and point out as many real world use cases to corroborate the idea.

Why pick those core topics?

Social Intelligence and Collaborative BI are concepts in their infancy though they are being delivered in some capacity by 45% of the main BI Vendors on the market. There is a lot of room for thought leadership in this area and at the moment we are one of the best to speak on it driving the Collaborative BI solution for Oracle Business Intelligence, BITeamwork.

Mobile Business Intelligence is a no-brainer. By the end of 2013, 72% of business executives will have tablets as their main means of consuming an Organization’s KPI’s and other analytics, scorecarding, etc. Although Roambi, and Microstrategy seem to be doing all of the right things with Mobile BI, there are several major BI Vendors that are not or there is simply room for improvement.  Also on the topic of Mobile BI, one of the barriers of 2012 was the concern for securing Mobile BI within an organization.  There has been a rise of solutions but no true standardization.  Oracle has produced their Mobile Security Tool Kit for Oracle BI and we will dive into that very soon as well (have Mac OS, will travel).

Lastly, Predictive Analytics and Data Discovery. There are subtle differences between the two terms and both have a parallel history along with the over arching concept of Data Mining and statistical analysis.  However, it is the close though not yet successful of Data Discovery and traditional BI that keeps us up at night.  It is with the other ancillary integrations such as Collaboration and Enterprise Social Networking that we are exploring.  We hope this year to compare Oracle Endeca along with QlikView, and Spotfire to break apart the vendor specific functionality and give rise to insights on how to form successful solutions to the overall problem of self-service analysis of Big Data and traditional Data Warehouse data.

We hope you’ll join us on our explorations in 2013.

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