Art of BI: All Your Essbase Are Belong to Us

By | In Art of BI, Big Data, Business Intelligence | February 08th, 2012

Doing some Essbase / Oracle BI 11g integration lately, I actually decided to read one of the prompts from the 11.1.2 release of the Oracle Essbase Administration Console.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am a big fan of language and linguistics.  I enjoy reading FAZ as much as the WSJ. I often misspell words when typing to quikkly.  However, I usually pay greater attention to detail when someone is paying me to write.  So when I saw this incorrect sentence in EAS I couldn’t help but get a bit nastalgic for the good old early console gaming error and the now pulp techy saying, “All your base are belong to us“.  This seemed to me the perfect Essbase twist on that saying.


I’m envisioning T-Shirts at Oracle Open World, hats, bumper stickers and the like.  I think even Edward Roske will want to use this title in the next book of his Essbase series.

And just so that you are not in the dark or left empty by this quip, allow me to leave you with a short video of show what the heck I am referring to.  As if you aren’t techy enough to know already. : )

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