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4 Webinars That Will Make Your DBAs More Effective: Part II

Author: Chuck Ezell | | September 21, 2016

Part I of this post on DBA management included four webinars that can help your DBA team work smarter. We covered important skills and development topics like solving database performance issues, profiling application code, tuning ETLs, and being more proactive with database management.

Now, in part II, we’d like to share some important webinars that will help your DBAs to be more effective. This time, Datavail’s Vice President and Practice Leader, Data Integration Practice, Chuck Ezell is going to discuss new technologies, apps, and custom frameworks that enable a higher level of efficiency in a DBA’s daily tasks. In these webcasts, we give you and your team overviews of the programs and their benefits, step-by-step instructions, and tips for using them to your greatest advantage.

Are you ready? Share this post with your DBAs or click the links to watch the webinars yourself; you might be surprised at what you learn. And if you’ve found yourself struggling with 24/7 coverage, BI analytics, or applications support, contact us to discuss how our pool of more than 600 DBAs can help your team improve performance.

Webinar #1: Oracle Health Checks Using Apex

With the heavy workload that most, if not all, DBAs face, it’s no wonder there is little time left to perform routine health checks.This webinar reviews the real value of health checks, based on the thousands of them performed for clients and how APEX can be used to standardize health checks.

Click here to watch

Webinar #2: Instrumentation With Splunk

Splunk is probably best known along with other Security, Information, and Event Monitoring software for its use in intrusion detection, W/Lan traffic monitoring, and more. But unlike other software systems which rely on modules and add-ons, Splunk offers a robust real-time big data collection and reporting framework complete with its own Search Processing Languages and ready to use point and click reporting tools.

If monitoring your Oracle Applications/EBS Systems is taking up too many cycles or you’re tired of getting caught off guard with what could have been preventable system outages, take some time to attend this webinar where Datavail will illustrate 2 ways Splunk can be used to mine your KPI data.

Click here to watch

Webinar #3: Using OEM and Custom Templates for Alert Optimization

Watch this webinar to find out how OEM Grid configuration using Datavail’s Alert Optimizer™ and custom templates helps eliminate unwanted alerts, while enriching actionable alerts, and improving the performance of the entire database system. These five areas help organize the tuning approach and define the major concerns beyond the architecture, setup, and data model. It also addresses how performance tuning becomes less of a mystery if it can be measured, documented, affected, and improved.

Click here to watch

Webinar #4: Building a Database Monitoring Tool Using Splunk

Is your database environment in need of a custom-built monitoring tool? Splunk may provide the answer. In this webinar, we will show you how to build a Database Monitoring Tool for free using both SQL scripts and shell scripts. The examples will be based on Oracle SQL however they can easily be translated into DB2, SQL Server, MySQL or any other major database platform.

You can monitor sessions, disk performance, SQL performance, DB tablespace information, concurrent programs and object statistics…all using one single script and Splunk – for free! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how.

Click here to watch

Datavail, which acquired Art of BI, is the largest provider of data and database administration (DBA) services in North America with more than 600 DBAs, analysts, developers and consultants. We offer 24×7 managed services and project consulting in database administration, BI/Analytics, data warehousing, and enterprise performance management. Datavail’s expert consulting team specializes in integrations, implementations, and upgrades for applications across the Oracle stack, including Hyperion, OBIEE, OBA, GoldenGate, Weblogic and more. Founded in 2007, Datavail is based in Broomfield, Colo.


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