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3 Ways to Get Your Hyperion 11.2 Upgrade in the Fast Lane

Author: David Silverstrim | 4 min read | April 7, 2021

With the 11.1.x end of support deadline coming up soon, many organizations are planning their Hyperion upgrade. Of course, upgrading comes with a set of challenges: executing pre- and post-upgrade performance testing, managing downtime (and keeping it minimal), and troubleshooting the inevitable issues that will crop up along the way.


But what if you could easily execute your upgrade with a partner who already has solutions to these problems?

Accelatis is Datavail’s enterprise-grade APM platform, designed to work with Oracle Hyperion from the ground up. In fact, the Accelatis software is the only APM tool that has been purpose-built especially for use with Hyperion. In this blog post, we’ll do a quick review of three ways that Datavail can deliver a fast-track 11.2 upgrade with the help of Accelatis.

1. Planning and Designing Your Upgrade

Right out the gate, Datavail uses Accelatis at the start of a Hyperion upgrade project to get the big picture of your Oracle environment. Who in the company is using Hyperion? How are they accessing it? What reports are they pulling? These questions and more are some of the most important to answer before planning your Hyperion upgrade—and they are exactly what Datavail uses Accelatis to find out.

From there, Accelatis collects data for at least four to eight weeks before the real work actually begins. This gives you an essential point of comparison for the benchmarking and testing process, so you can be sure that the upgrade hasn’t harmed the system’s performance.

2. Testing Before, During and After the Upgrade

There are many forms and variations of performance testing, each one exposing a different window into your IT environment. Before, during, and after any Hyperion upgrade project, we use Accelatis early and often for testing the system’s performance. Although tools such as LoadRunner and Oracle Application Testing Suite can also be used for baseline testing, they come with their own issues:

  • Oracle Application Testing Suite is entirely separate from Hyperion… and is a costly purchase where the return on investment is questionable if you don’t already own it.
  • Building appropriate tests in Micro Focus LoadRunner (formerly HP LoadRunner) for your Hyperion environment can take weeks—compared with just minutes for Accelatis—and can be an extremely tedious, labor-intensive manual process.


After baseline testing and comparison testing, Datavail uses Accelatis to perform load testing and break testing, assessing the scalability and resilience of your Hyperion environment.

Once your upgrade is complete, Accelatis continues to run performance testing scenarios on a regular basis so our team can work with you to detect and solve issues before they affect your users.

3. Troubleshooting Along the Way

Last but not least, Datavail also uses Accelatis for both short- and long-term troubleshooting over the course of a Hyperion upgrade. With the Accelatis remote agent installed on a machine, Datavail can utilize the Hyperion logs and compare them against the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you’ve defined for the project. Accelatis also has a built-in log management feature that scans the software’s log messages looking for and alerting on errors.

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When upgrading to Hyperion 11.2, you want to be able to take advantage of the new features and functionality as soon as possible; and upgrade challenges can quickly turn a hopeful project into a nightmare. For more information on how Datavail can help you make a smooth transition to 11.2, download our white paper.

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