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Author: Scott Frock
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single point of failure

Always Be Prepared – Back Up Your DBAs

Consider managed services for the database administration function, to ensure continuous database availability for mission-critical business applications.

Scott Frock | March 14, 2017
DBA quits

What Would Happen If Your DBA Went Away?

One fine day you learn that one of the DBAs is not available. This could be a perfect recipe for disaster.

Scott Frock | March 8, 2017
it professionals

DBAs Still Needed in the Cloud

The shift to cloud computing has caused today’s DBAs to change their role from their traditional in-house one to multi-tasking in the cloud.

Scott Frock | February 23, 2017

The “Traditional” Role of the DBA Advances

Automation of database processes and the shift to the cloud has changed the “traditional” role of DBAs. How can they remain relevant?

Scott Frock | February 16, 2017
DBA App Dev

Why Should DBAs Be Involved in Application Development?

Database administrators have an important role to play in application development for your organization. They can organize developers and ensure all necessary requirements are met.

Scott Frock | July 27, 2016

DevOps 2015 Trip Report

I had the good fortune of being able to attend the Cloud Expo/DevOps Conference in Santa Clara earlier this month. It was a great opportunity to hear from many thought leaders in our industry and experience the unique spirit and culture that only Silicon Valley emits.

Scott Frock | November 23, 2015

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