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Author: Megan Elphingstone
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Oracle 12.2 Post Upgrade Troubleshooting

A successful Oracle 12.2 upgrade is to test, tune, test and repeat

Megan Elphingstone | February 22, 2018

Items for Your Post 12.2 Upgrade Checklist

With a 12.2 upgrade, there are many new features and parameters. Details on 5 parameters and 3 features essential to leverage post upgrade.

Megan Elphingstone | January 23, 2018
DBA, cloud, oracle

How to DBA in the Cloud

New blog post series about “How To DBA” in the cloud. The answers will may be different if you choose IaaS, DBaaS and Oracle Cloud or Amazon Cloud.

Megan Elphingstone | September 14, 2017
oraclec cloud migration

Three Options for Oracle Cloud Backups

This blog post will cover the requirements for each type of Oracle cloud backups and the pros and cons of each.

Megan Elphingstone | August 25, 2017

Set Up and Modify Your SSH Key in the Oracle Cloud Environment

An SSH key is part of the Oracle Cloud service setup, & required for the Oracle VM. Learn here how to add an SSH key & resolve common Oracle issues.

Megan Elphingstone | August 9, 2017
oracle , aws

Oracle Cloud vs Amazon Cloud – Which is right for you?

Choosing the right cloud computing vendor for your database needs is difficult. This blog post takes you through the pros and cons of Oracle vs Amazon Cloud.

Megan Elphingstone | July 20, 2017
database upgrade

Oracle 12c and Multi-Tenant Architecture — is It Worth It?

At the time of migrating my database to Oracle 12c, should I move to the new pluggable architecture based on container and pluggable databases?

Megan Elphingstone | May 4, 2017
oracle upgrade

Oracle 12.1 and High Availability — How is It Achieved?

This blog post discusses the features in Oracle 12.1 that help achieve an organization’s goal of maximizing application availability.

Megan Elphingstone | April 20, 2017

12c Upgrade Bug with SQL Tuning Advisor

Learn the steps to take on your Oracle upgrade 11.2 to 12.1 if you’re having performance problems. Oracle offers a patch and work around to BUG 20540751.

Megan Elphingstone | March 22, 2017

How to: point in time restore of pluggable database with multiples

This post will show how to do a Point in Time Restore of one pluggable database in a container with multiple pluggable databases.

Megan Elphingstone | February 8, 2017

How to Recover a Table from an Oracle 12c RMAN Backup

Our database experts explain how to recover and restore a table from an Oracle 12c RMAN Backup with this step-by-step blog. Read more.

Megan Elphingstone | February 2, 2017

Oracle Database (DBA) Health Check Best Practices

Here are some best practices to obtain a good Oracle Database performance health check. See what your DBA report card should look like.

Megan Elphingstone | January 25, 2017

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