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Author: Chuck Ezell
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Exploring the Options: Managing Your Data Warehouse with Informatica

The 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools named Informatica a leader in data tools. What does it have to offer to small businesses?

Chuck Ezell | June 1, 2017
DBA Efficiency

4 Webinars That Will Make Your DBAs More Effective: Part II

Four important webinars that will help your DBAs to be more effective. This time, we’ll discuss new technologies, apps, and custom frameworks that enable a higher level of efficiency in a DBA’s daily tasks.

Chuck Ezell | September 21, 2016
Watch Webinar

4 Webinars That Will Make Your DBAs Smarter

To help you give your team a little extra fire in their database engines, we’ve put our heads together to give you this 2-part series connecting you to webinars that will make your DBAs smarter and more effective.

Chuck Ezell | September 7, 2016
Relationship Big Data

The Relationship Between Big Data and Data Governance

As the demand for big data grows, the need for a good data-governance policy increases as well.

Chuck Ezell | August 31, 2016
Cloud Integration

Cloud Partner Integration With Docker Containerization and Orchestration Technology

The effects of the cloud partner integration with Docker on its uses and applications and what this means for DBAs.

Chuck Ezell | August 4, 2016

Try Splunk for Database Monitoring

Despite not being designed as such, Splunk has a number of useful scripts and tools a user can employ to help monitor databases. Visit to learn more.

Chuck Ezell | October 22, 2015

Meet Splunk

Splunk is a helpful tool for visualizing, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data and metadata from various sources through a Web-style interface.

Chuck Ezell | October 8, 2015

What Is Data Purging?

Although it might seem that an organization would want to keep all its data for data mining and analysis, there is a finite amount of storage available to warehouse those bits and bytes.

Chuck Ezell | September 29, 2015

Five Quick Fixes for Database Reporting Slowdowns

Databases are the cornerstone of any business, storing every important detail that keeps them operating. They behave as living things, growing in a way that seems very organic. And like living things, databases require maintenance and care in order to remain effective and functional. As your database grows, so do your demands on the data […]

Chuck Ezell | August 4, 2014

Polyglot Programming and the Database Developer

A database development concept in circulation for several years holds that developers should be able to pick and choose the best tool for a specific job. The theory, known as polyglot programming, was reintroduced by Neil Ford, with others, namely Martin Fowler, picking up the idea. Is the approach valid or useful in the enterprise […]

Chuck Ezell | July 2, 2014

Working with HP Diagnostics

We’ve introduced many different ways in which you can profile your application code. There’s a particular tool Datavail’s Chuck Ezell has used to proactively profile code: HP Diagnostics. The tool allows users to be proactive and returns very useful information in an easily digested visual format. With LoadRunner’s load testing capabilities, HP Diagnostics allows a […]

Chuck Ezell | April 16, 2014

Selecting Application Code Profiling Tools

Profiling is a task confusing to some database administrators, but it is important because it allows you to absolutely see — without guessing or conjecture — what actually is happening with your application code. You need the right tool for the job and context, whether it’s a server profiling tool or a client profiling tool. […]

Chuck Ezell | March 31, 2014

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