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Author: Bill Mitalski
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Avoiding Technical Debt

A key concept for developers to know, “technical debt” is the name given to a series of bad decisions resulting in bad projects and wasted resources. Like a credit card payment, if the project’s debt—the work left to do before a project is finished—is not repaid in a timely fashion, it will continue accumulating interest. This added debt can make it difficult for projects to move forward. The concept easily translates into database development issues, which are not vastly different from the challenges faced by other software developers.

Bill Mitalski | August 6, 2015

Soft Skills Aid in Application Development Projects

Database administrators serve an essential role in helping to develop applications and are central to the process because they are most familiar with the data on which the applications are based. But they must also use their soft skills to solve tough issues in the development process. Soft skills like being a team player, accepting of feedback and flexibility are key to a successful DBA working on developing applications. These skills help ensure a successful project.

Bill Mitalski | July 23, 2015

DBA 101: What’s the Difference Between a Table and a Heap?

If you are a database administrator working in a SQL environment, and are also intent on becoming a proficient or power SQL user there is one very basic concept you’ll need to understand: what is the difference between a table and a heap?

Bill Mitalski | May 21, 2015

Know Your Project’s Coding Syntax

Knowing the rules that guide code development—known as Coding Standards—are important in a new project. Syntax is commonly covered in code reviews, but before reaching that stage, it is essential for the team to follow certain rules and conventions. For the purposes of our discussion, we will address SQL, since this programming language is both […]

Bill Mitalski | April 17, 2015

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