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SlamData and Datavail Announce Strategic Partnership

SlamData and Datavail announce strategic partnership to deliver the next generation enterprise analytics solution built for complex, modern data.

Boulder, CO  ?  June 29, 2016 — SlamData, Inc., the leader in NoSQL analytics, and Datavail, the leader in data management and managed database services, today announced they have partnered to deliver a next generation enterprise analytics solution for MongoDB. Through a formal partnership, the companies are able to provide clients with quick and robust access to analytics for MongoDB and soon other NoSQL platforms.

“Many companies are struggling with the onslaught of data — types, formats, sources. With SlamData’s native NoSQL analytics solution we can bring faster and more accurate insights to enterprises,” said Chuck Ezell, Datavail’s Vice President and Practice Leader for Development, Tuning and Automation. “The time-to-insight and the expense of the traditional data warehouse no longer meet today’s hyper-business needs. This partnership allows us to quickly implement robust analytics solutions that deliver enterprise insights as business happens.”

Services currently enabled by the partnership combine SlamData’s cutting-edge NoSQL analytics engine and visualization front end; MongoDB, the industry-leading NoSQL database; and Datavail’s deep industry knowledge, experience, and service excellence in database administration. The solution is often implemented within in 1-2 weeks, providing a 10x-20x implementation acceleration over traditional warehousing solutions.

“Without the need to build complex ETL processes, companies can focus on rapidly combining the most complex data from various sources quickly,” said Jeff Carr, SlamData’s CEO. “Gaining rapid insight from a variety of complex data sources allows business to make better decisions more quickly.”

About SlamData

The SlamData open source analytics project provides native NoSQL analytics support for complex modern data. Based on a mathematical generalization of relational algebra, SlamData allows slicing, dicing, and aggregation of deeply nested, heterogeneous data of the type often stored in MongoDB and other NoSQL Databases. SlamData requires no ETL or data mapping of any kind and can deliver analytic insights on the most complex data in minutes. SlamData employs a global team of developers working full time to enhance the project capabilities and also provides features for the commercial edition of the SlamData open source project.

About Datavail

Datavail Corporation is the largest provider of remote database administration (DBA) services in North America, offering 24×7 managed database services, database design, architecture, and staffing. The company specializes in Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, DB2 and SharePoint, and provides flexible onsite/offsite, onshore/offshore service delivery options to meet each customer’s unique business needs. Datavail’s Development, Tuning & Automation practice helps enterprises build a DevOps team that is inclusive across all tiers and supports a proactive approach. Founded in 2007, Datavail is based in Broomfield, Colorado and supports enterprise clients located worldwide. For more information, visit