Datavail Partner Alliances and Professional Affiliations

Datavail has established a premiere platform of relationships with top technology providers and solution offerings to offer our customers a robust and complete set of capabilities and services. Our alliances with these partners represent companies with the same values of quality and service that you expect from Datavail.

Being a Datavail Partner means an affiliation with a world-class Database Management Services organization. We are actively growing our Partner and Affiliation network and are seeking companies who share our passion for customer success, and service excellence with enticing earning potential for service opportunities that can be fulfilled thru Datavail. For more information, contact Datavail Partner Relations at (866) 369-8122

Technology Partners

Short for Database 2, a family of relational database products offered by IBM. DB2 provides an open database environment that runs on a wide variety of computing platforms. A DB2 database can grow from a small single-user application to a large multi-user system. Using SQL, users can obtain data simultaneously from DB2 and other databases. DB2 includes a range of application development and management tools.


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services. Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest and most influential companies in the computer industry.


Derived from the word humongous, MongoDB is a scalable and high-performance open source database designed to handle document-oriented storage. MongoDB was written in C++ and features replication & High Availability, mirror across LANs and WANs for scale, auto-sharing, rich querying and more.


Based in Redwood, California, Oracle Corporation is the largest software company whose primary business is database products. Historically, Oracle has targeted high-end workstations and minicomputers as the server platforms to run its database systems. Its relational database was the first to support the SQL language, which has since become the industry standard. Along with Sun Microsystems, Oracle has been one of the leading champions of network computers.

Alliance Partners

Bell Techlogix is a leading information technology managed services and solutions company focused on global and mid-market enterprises, as well as educational institutions. We provide our services and solutions to a variety of customers; leveraging BEAM, our integrated enterprise service delivery platform, across our offerings portfolio including, End User Computing, Infrastructure Management and Enterprise Mobility Management. Bell Techlogix’s IT Lifecycle Services provide a comprehensive suite of business process services that optimize IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Bell Techlogix has leveraged over 25 years of experience to build market leading solutions such as our Service Desk 3.0 and BEAM as a Service offerings for comprehensive IT managed services.


Vaulterus, LLC is the parent company of BitCan, fast & reliable Cloud backup service for databases and files. BitCan offers MySQL, MongoDB, Linux & Unix backups in the cloud. Its unique architecture requires zero plugins and client side installs. It also supports backups in private and public clouds. BitCan is Headquartered in San Mateo, CA and has regional offices in Denver, CO & Irvine, CA.


ClearDB Inc. is a pioneer of cloud-based technologies and solutions that optimize the computing efficiency and utility of any database application. ClearDB cloud services provide customers with SLA-backed guaranteed high availability, accelerated performance, easy administration to deliver unprecedented levels of database reliability, efficiency and simplicity on major cloud platforms and on-premise data centers. With more than 200,000 users worldwide, ClearDB is the largest private MySQLaaS solution provider. Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for product leadership, we are transforming the way database resources are consumed so that IT can focus on innovation and business growth.


Dbvisit Software is dedicated to building replication products and is not distracted by other applications or lines of business. They provide support and training for their products but leave the consulting services and the sale of databases, hardware, hosting, and other important things to their trusted worldwide partner network.


With operations dating back more than 20 years, and operating under the Highstreet IT Solutions, LLC (“Highstreet”) name for three years, Highstreet has created a new style IT services company, focused on superior ERP and Cloud enabled managed services solutions for clients facing the challenges brought on by the intersection of traditional and updated application software solutions with new Cloud-based paradigm shifts occurring in the market.


Morpheus Data, LLC is the first fully managed Cloud Database-as-a-Service that hosts and provisions highly available SQL, NoSQL, & In-Memory Databases including MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and Elasticsearch in one place. With Morpheus’s user-friendly interface, users can simply point & click to easily select, provision and activate any of these databases within minutes to develop and run their applications. Morpheus is built on a state of the art infrastructure of Solid State Drives that delivers blazing fast database performance. It also has direct links into Amazon Datacenters for milli-second latency for minimal impact on application performance. Morpheus is built for high availability and reliability that delivers automated backups, 24/7 monitoring, and flexibility to use existing developer tools of choice. Morpheus is Headquartered in San Mateo, CA and has regional offices in Denver, CO & Irvine, CA.


OohLaLog is a Cloud based Log Monitoring and Management service built for developers and DevOps personnel to quickly troubleshoot applications, databases and systems. OohLaLog is revolutionizing the way developers interact with log files by incorporating stack traces, real-time pattern recognition, and dynamic metrics. OohLaLog, LLC is headquartered in San Mateo, CA and has regional offices in Denver, CO & Irvine, CA.


The SlamData open source analytics project provides native NoSQL analytics support for complex modern data. Based on a mathematical generalization of relational algebra, SlamData allows slicing, dicing, and aggregation of deeply nested, heterogeneous data of the type often stored in MongoDB and other NoSQL Databases. SlamData requires no ETL or data mapping of any kind and can deliver analytic insights on the most complex data in minutes. SlamData employs a global team of developers working full time to enhance the project capabilities and also provides features for the commercial edition of the SlamData open source project.


Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Tableau’s award-winning software delivers fast analytics, visualization and rapid-fire business intelligence that connects directly to Oracle databases and many other sources. The result? Anyone can get answers from data quickly, no programming required. From executive dashboards to ad-hoc reports, Tableau lets you share mobile and browser-based, interactive analytics in a few clicks. More than 21,000 companies and organizations, including some of the world’s largest enterprises, rely on Tableau Software.